Monday, 24 November 2014

DIY your Christmas!

Okayyyy, so it's happened. I'm not even sorry!

It's not finished yet but I'm pretty much covered head to toe in glitter as this year I've decided to make my own baubles! Incase you'd also like to have a go I thought I'd show you how I done it!

You will need
Polystyrene balls/shapes
Mod Podge

First of all take your bauble/shape and give it a nice coating of Mod Podge

The sprinkle/stick the glitter/sequins to the glue and allow to dry! I found it easier to do it half by half, otherwise I ended up covered in glue & glitter!

Tada!! You have gorgeous baubles, perfect for filling vases or popping a bit of thread on and hanging on your tree!
Don't forget they will loose a bit of glitter, so if you want too give it a clear coat of sealant!

Until next time!



  1. I really enjoyed this post! Really fun and such a great idea this christmas x
    Will be giving this a go :D Thank you for such a lovely post

    1. Hey! Really glad you liked the post! If you have a go, dont forget to post pics I'd love to see your Christmassy creations! <3 Becca xx


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