Monday, 17 November 2014

My Weight Loss Journey So Far - Over 8 Stone Never To Return

This post is inspired by the #Lbloggerschat on Twitter. I wasn't sure if I was going to share my weight loss yet but after the chat I've decided to do it!

So with no future ado; here's me circa 2009. Aged 20.

I was a size 24-26 and miserable!
My weight gain started at around the age of 18. Another thing I haven't yet shared is I suffer from Panic attacks and Aniexty. I still suffer from it today however back in 2009 it left me pretty much housebound. I lost the ability to even walk to the shop by myself, so I was on my own for 14-16 hours a day and unable to do anything. So I sat indoors and comfort ate and while the pounds piled on I began to become more and more miserable.
I would think nothing of eating huge take aways followed by piles of chocolate and crisps. Full fat coke was a staple and the lack of exercise took it toll. I was over 21 stone and finding clothes was getting harder and harder.
I think the turning point for me was when I woke up one day and decided this wasn't going to be my life and things had to change! I went to group therapy for my panic attacks and it literally changed my life.
I started dog walking and exercising and being able to work again meant I wasn't sitting in the house doing nothing, I was moving and didn't have time to think about what I could eat.
I then joined slimming world as I had lost a few stone before using it. I was amazed at how much food I could eat and what I could eat and the pounds started to melt away.
I've currently lost 8 stone 3lbs and although I'm not yet where I'd like to be I'm SO much happier than I was! Although I still suffer from panic attacks and anxiety I am now much more in control of them and determined never to go back to how I was.
My typical food day now starts with two slices of toast with reduced sugar jam or a bacon sandwich with a tablespoon of tomato ketchup, followed by Alpro soya yogurt and fruit for my mid morning snack. Lunch normally consists of pasta and tuna or a jacket potato with baked beans and lactose free cheese with a fun size Twix bar. Dinner is usually a pasta bake made with tomato passata instead of jarred sauces or rice and grilled marinated chicken.
I no longer go to Slimming World groups as I stick to the diet at home and didn't feel that the group setting was really helping me. It hasn't been an easy journey and I still have bad days but you have to have a treat every now and then!

So this is me now

I've still got another few stone to go but I'm currently a size 16-18 a mammoth 5 clothes sizes smaller!

With all this said, I do believe weight loss should be for you. No matter what others think or say it has to be for you! As long as your happy in your own skin, nothing else really matters!

I'd love to hear from anyone else on their weight loss journey and even those who have reached the end!

Until next time!

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  1. Good luck with your weight loss journey. I would like to loose a stone and I keep meaning to start but never ever do. It is just too hard.

  2. Omg so glad I found this post! I'm on my own weightloss journey so stories like yours really inspire me!
    Glad you can manage your panic attacks now.
    You look fab! Keep on kicking arse :)

    Bex x

  3. Well done on your weight loss! :) You look fab! I've recently started trying to lose weight for my holiday and I keep thinking about trying Slimming world, I've heard some great things about it. I agree that it should be for you- you're the only one that's going to keep at it! Keep us updated! :)


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