Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November Favourites

I can't believe December is almost here already! Is it just me or has this year just disappeared?
I know it's not not technically the end of the month quite yet but I decided to do share my fave products & items for November!
I would like to add I did try to take pictures but my camera decided that it's had an argument with my SD card and currently they aren't speaking...

November Favourites

Yankee Candle - Christmas Cookie
 If you read my Christmas Wishlist post, you'd have seen I'm a Yankee Candle addict and the baking/food smells are my ultimate fave. While Christmas Cookie isn't my number one, it is gorgeous! I love the smell of sweet biscuit floating through my house and I've been burning this for about a week now, I just got far too excited about Christmas and had to start!

Ted Baker - Black Wash Bag

I wanted one of these for aggeeesss, so when I finally went to Gunwharf Keyes in Portsmouth I picked one up and I love it as much as I thought I would! It's the perfect size for my day to day makeup (just!) and I love the glossy patent finish. It's one of those purchases I'm really glad I made.

Tresemme - Freeze Hold Hairspray

I can't be dealing with stray hairs getting stuck in my lipstick or getting whipped in my face now winters back. I generally spend 3/4 of the time with my fringe in a quiff to avoid any sticky wind moments! Tresemme hairspray has been my saviour for years as I know I can rely on it! It even brushes out easily and doesn't leave any residue in my hair. It's just one of those products I love!

Mac - Simpsons Blusher in Pink Sprinkles

I know this is old news now but I can't stop using it. For those of you who didn't hear Mac brought out a Limited Edition run of Simpsons themed makeup and I purchased the blusher in Pink Sprinkles. I use this every day and am virtually kicking myself about not buying two when I had the chance as I'm going to be gutted once it's gone!

Jimmy Choo - Flash

I always go with this fragrance when it starts to get colder! It has top notes of lychee and bergamot, middle notes of tuberose and a base of musk and white woods. I've never been a fan of  musk based perfume but there's just something about this one I can't let go of! 

Rimmel - Rita Ora 60 Second - 203 Lose Your Lingerie  

I wasn't sure about this colour when I first picked it up but I love it now. It's a gorgeous white/pink that is perfect for winter and Christmas themed mani's. It lasts a good few days without chipping and it's easy to put on although does need a few coats. I love the fact it dries in 60 seconds too. I'll be using this alot!

Rimmel & Kate 107  Lasting Finish Lipstick.

It's the red lipstick I've been searching for! It's a gorgeous dark, velvet vampy red with a lovely matt finish that simply glides on. I've already worn it more than I probably should have and it hasn't left my lips feeling dry. This little beauty is going to see me through all of my upcoming festive parties I feel! 

Finally I am in 100% love with;

It's either in the wash or on my body!
My gorgeous houndstooth dress from New look. I've been pairing it up with mainly black leggings and my faithful Uggs but I've got my eye on some gorgeous boots from Misguided that shall be mine very, very shortly!

So there we have it! My faves for November, what have been your go to products this month?
Until next time,


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