Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Rimmel Haul

I had decided that I needed a new lipstick and thankfully I work super close to a retail outlet! I finished work at one and decided to go have a mooch about. 
I first had to check out New Look, I'm literally obsessed with all the glittery dresses available for the party season and even though I've only just purchased one I can't seem to keep myself away!

Once I managed to peel myself away from the glitz and glam I found myself in Boots. I've been playing with the idea of trying one of the Kate by Rimmel lipsticks but I've just never actually brought one. Today changed all that!

Rimmel Haul

(I have a slight obsession with Nail Varnish and since discovering O.P.I's peel off base coat, it's virtually impossible to keep me away from glitter varnishes!)

After turning my hand red with various swatches I settled on shade 107 of the Lasting Finish by Kate and 003 Black Tulip 1000 kisses  lip pencil. I really love a vampy, deep velvet red lip this time of year and these two ticked those boxes!

Rimmel Kate Moss Swatch

The thin line (left) is the lip liner and the thick line (right) is the lipstick.

Initial impressions I have to admit are extremely good! The liner applied really smooth and evenly. It's a gorgeous deep red/brown shade and gives brilliant coverage, I think it's one I'll defiantly be purchasing again.

Shade 107 by Kate. I love love LOVE this! It glides on, has almost a fruity scent and even gives a slight tingle when applied. I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow and see how it lasts during my shift.

Rimmel Haul Selfie

I definitely think I'll be purchasing more of the Kate Long Lasting range, as I do love the odd Barbie pink lipstick!

Until next time!


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