Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Coloristiq Review

I've got a bit of an odd one today! I signed up to Coloristiq which is a monthly Nail Varnish box with a twist.

It's a monthly box containing high end nail varnishes such as China Glaze and OPI but instead of getting to keep the varnishes you get to use them (subject to fair useage) and send them back for a whole 3 new colours the next month. I decided upon creating a wishlist of varnishes I was interested in that it wasn't actually for me and I'd rather purchase a nail varnish and get to keep it! So I deleted my account and thought nothing more of it. Until today when I get home from work and find a Coloristiq box waiting for me!
Personally while I can understand why someone would want to 'rent' nail varnishes I think at £9.99 a month it is a bit steep, considering you can only use the polish for three two coat applications. You also can't pick what you get that month, you have a wishlist of shades you want but you can't actually request what you'd like for that month.

Inside the box you receive 3 nail varnishes along with instructions and the return postage label.

The instructions inform you of how many applications you get, not to throw any of the box or filling away and when you are due to send them back.

In my box I got;
China Glaze - I'm not a lion

China Glaze - Don't be a flake

Morgan Taylor - It's My Party

I love glittery polishes so my wishlist was packed full of glitters, so I wasn't disappointed with the shades I was sent.
It's also a nice way of getting to try out new brands you may have never used before.

So I decided to swatch them!
First up is It's My Party by Morgan Taylor, personally it's a brand I've never used so I was excited to see what the glitter pink bottle had to offer and to be fair it was what I was expecting!

It offered good glitter coverage, was quick drying and I only needed two coats to get a super glitter effect. However it came out alot more pale than I was expecting and left my nail feeling a bit 'cakey'. It had a weird texture that would have caught on any fluffy jumpers you may own!

The next was China Glaze's Don't be a flake

This again was what I expected, large glitter particles that I had to faff about with to get a good coverage. It dried quickly and did leave my nails super glossy though! I'm pretty sure Rimmel do one really similar to this and I think for the amount of use I'd get out of it, I'd go with the cheaper alternative.

The last varnish was China Glaze's I'm not a lion.
I fell in love with this as soon as I had pulled it out the box!

It's a gorgeous glittery gold with almost a holographic feel. The picture is on top of two coats of a gold varnish by Ted Baker.
You couldn't use this one by itself, I think you'd end up with a very patchy finish but it's a lovely quick drying formula and I was overall impressed with it. I don't know if I'll be going out and purchasing it but it was nice for a change!

Overall however I really don't think subscription nail varnish boxes, that you don't get to keep are for me! I'd rather go and purchase a color to have or swap with a friend if I didn't like it than pay £9.99 a month and not be able to use a varnish as much as I pleased. However for someone else this might be a perfect solution to having hundreds of polishes around the house!

Have you used a nail varnish subscription? I'd love to hear your opinion!
Until next time,


P.S is offically a month old today and I'd just like to thank everyone whos looked at the blog, it's been amazing so far! xxx



  1. 100% with you! Why would you rent a varnish? And even if you did fancy that, why would you pay a tenner?! Great review though xx

  2. Love all the shades, I haven't tried China Glaze before.



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