Wednesday, 17 December 2014

First Impressions - Gatineau Vital Feeling

I love trying new products, I do adore trying the higher end products too, so when I was given these as a gift needless to say they weren't sitting on a shelf for very long!

I was given the Gatineua Vital Feelings Shower Gel & Body Lotion. I do love a good matching pair too as the smell always lasts longer and I always feel more 'put together'!

First impressions were good! They have a very clean & fresh smell which isn't overpowering and a little goes a long way.
I used the shower gel first, it is supposed to be a nourishing body gel that offers high-performance exfoliation treatment for dry skin. It cleanses, exfoliates and softens leaving your skins texture refined and perfectly soft.

(Top swatch in picture)
It's a lovely colour with red exfoliating balls. I did find however it didn't lather very well and I had to scrub a bit before it felt like it was doing anything. However once I got some lather out of it, I really did feel clean, my skin felt softer and it left a gorgeous fragrance so overall I'm happy!

Once I was out of the shower I followed up with the Body lotion. I personally find at this time of the year I suffer badly from dry skin. My body seems to turn into a giant raisin and I go through moisturizer like it's going out of fashion!

(bottom swatch in above picture)
The body lotion is thick & creamy and sinks in really well. I didn't use more than any other brand and even the morning after my skin still feels super soft and looked after. The fragrance is a light & clean one that has lasted a bit. It's not as strong as it was last night but I can just about still smell it.
The bottle says it has fatty acids and almond oil for triple performance of softening, moisturizing and toning and it leaves the skin feeling instantly soothes, moisturised and revitalised.

Now I can't say I'm ultra impressed it the body lotion, I mean my skin is super soft today but I don't know if it will take the place of my usual product. It is very pricey (around £24.99 for 200ml) so I don't know if it's a product I'll be purchasing in the future but it's definitely been a nice thing to try!

Have you used any Gatineau products? I'd love to hear your experience!
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