Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hair Bleaching

So I finally got around to sorting out my roots today. They were so bad it took almost an hour to get them, I just hate having them done!
I thought I'd share how I bleach my hair as I am a qualified hairdresser and am more than willing to answer any questions you might have!

If you're looking at how to go from black to blonde then this isn't the information you're looking for. The simple matter is - you can't. You need to do it in stages so you don't damage your hair beyond repair.

This is a tutorial for unprocessed virgin regrowth hair.

You will need;

Bleach Powder
Mixing bowl & brush
Clips/hair bands

I use HiTech Creme Peroxide in 6% 20 vol & Lotus Low Dust Bleach. There are hundreds of makes & brands available and it's totally your choice what you want to use.

Now you make have noticed there are two types of peroxide in my photo a 9% 30 vol & a 6% 20 vol. The difference between these is the higher the number the stronger the peroxide. 6% is used in normal hairdyes and for bleaching a shade or two lighter where as the 30% is for a higher level of lift.

For my roots I used 20%, as I naturally have a light brown/dark blonde hair so didn't need a high level of lift.

Always follow the instructions on hairdye. Always go with the measurements and quanities it suggests and always make sure you do an allergy test. Yes, boring I know but it could mean you don't end up in A&E with a swollen face etc.

So, for the bleach & peroxide I use I do 1:1 so however much bleach I use, I use the same amount of peroxide. You then need to mix the two together and you'll end up with a lovely bleach!

Now put your gloves on and section your hair.
You want to work from back to front as the top of your head is the hottest point and the bleach will lighten quickest there.

Section your hair off into thin-ish sections. I like to go from one side of my head to the other and simply paint on the bleach.

Continue to work in sections all the way to the front of your head.

Try not too go over the already bleached/colored hair too much otherwise you'll end up with a color difference!
Make sure you get all around your face & parting as these are the parts you will notice if you miss!
Now leave it on until you get the desired effect! 
I left my 20% on for around 25 mins to get my roots the same color as the rest of my hair, you may need to leave it longer which is fine, just do not leave on for more than an hour.

This was my end result

If you are nervous about using bleach ALWAYS go to a hairdresser! Yes it's expensive but a trip for color correction once you've gone a lovely chemical orange is going to cost you a hell of a lot more!

Never bleach your hair more than once in a short space of time. If you over process your hair it will go like chewing gum - I found that one out the hard way!

Always wear protective gloves & clothing - bleach burns aren't healthy and are painful.

Always research what you want done. If your unsure go and talk to a hairdresser about the results you want.

Bleached hair is damaged hair. Look after it with deep conditioning treatments & suitable shampoo & conditioners.

Purple shampoos & conditioners are a great idea to help keep your blonde hair from going brassy.

I will do a tutorial on semi permanent color soon, I was planning on adding some pink to mine but I ran out of pink dye DOH!

I'm always willing to answer any questions you might have on hair related things!

Until next time,


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