Monday, 29 December 2014

Sudocrem - the celeb beauty secret

Sudocrem - that's just for nappy rash!?

Well that's where you'd be wrong! Celebs such as Cheryl Cole, Jessica Lowndes, Amanda Holden and Lara Stone use this product as it's super cheap and really works!

I was very kindly sent a sample of Sudocrem as it's something I've always heard about but never actually tried. I can confirm this is now a staple in my makeup bag.

Sudocrem helps maintain healthy skin as part of your daily routine. If you've read my older posts you may know I wasn't blessed with perfect skin and am prone to a breakout, I use Sudocrem whenever I see a spot or blemish showing it's signs and thanks to it's antiseptic healing powers it helps heal & protect from further infection.

So I've had my Sudocrem for about two weeks now and have noticed a difference. My blemishes appear less red & spots disappear in days and the skin is left moisturised and feeling lovely. I apply it directly to the area before bed and think no more of it! You can apply it as a leave on face mask overnight too!

Sudocrem deffo gets the thumbs up from me! It's now my night time routine and shall be staying there firmly.
Have you given it a go?

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  1. I have not tried this product before but I am also prone to breakouts so I will probably give it a try, great post!

    1. thanks! It's deffo worth a purchase, i'm really pleased with how it's helping my skin xx

  2. I really need to grab myself a tube of this. I always see people using this for breakouts x


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