Monday, 26 January 2015

My Birthday Wish List

I can't believe it's that time of year again, as of the 4th of February I'm officially 26! Where does time go?
So I've made a wish list, I do realise a lot of what's on it is high ticket items and I don't by any means expect to get any of them but this would be my ultimate Birthday wish list!

My Birthday Wishlist
(Left to right top row)
Michael Kors Small Cross Body Bag £104
I love this bag, I hate carrying a large handbag in the summer months and always opt for a cross body. I love Michael Kors's range of bags too, I have one already so it would be lovely to be able to add to the collection!
Office Frontier Platform Tread Heel Boot £90
I have 110% brought into the chunky shoe trend happening, I just can't get enough and as soon as I saw these beauties I knew they would have to go on my wish list. I love the rugged platform look with the sleek leather.
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette £37
I'm a sucker for Urban Decay and after purchasing the 3rd palette my life somehow feels incomplete with the others! I love the fact all the colours are so useable, there isn't one in my 3rd palette I haven't used.
(Left to right bottom row)
Ugg Short Classic Sequin Boots £168
I know, you either love Uggs or hate them. I am a full blown lover and I've loved these for about 2 years now but I'm yet to own a pair! My Uggs are currently looking manky as I wear them with literally everything, a pair covered in sequins can only make them better in my opinion.
Tiffany & Co 'Tiffany Notes' Earrings £130
This is another item from Tiffany I've always loved and I've wanted for an age! I adore Tiffany & co and do have a few pieces as you may have noticed the necklace I always wear is from Tiffany & co and a total staple for me.
I love silver jewellery and I love the fact they have gorgeous script and a lovely shape. Plus is there anything better than getting a blue box wrapped with white ribbon!?
La Riche Directions Carnation Pink £4.42
Every time I go a unnatural colour I use La Riche, it offers super bright colours with some serious staying power!
I really want a few pink streaks back in my hair but I don't want to go as bright as I have before so this for me would be perfect!
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Eyeliner £14
This was my fave when I was younger, I used it everyday but I've stopped doing glitter eyeliner so much now. However I think I need one of these little beauties to help me get back into glitter eyeliner and these are the best of the best!
Neuhaus Collection Milk £28
Forget every other chocolate brand you've ever tried. Neuhaus might be on the pricey side but is totally and utterly worth every penny. These are my all time fave choccys and my very lovely husband introduced me to them. I would be over the moon to open a box of these any time!
So there we have it, my ultimate Birthday wish list! What's on yours?
Until next time,

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