Saturday, 17 January 2015

Nanshy Marvel Makeup Sponge

I was sent this 4 in 1 makeup sponge by Nanshy and decided to put it to the test! I normally use the more traditional 'egg' makeup sponge so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about!

First impressions? I loved the packaging it's super eye catching and definitely something I'd pick up off the shelf in a shop.
I decided to do half my face with the Nanshy sponge and half my face with my usual makeup sponge.

To make it fair, I made both sponges damp and used the same foundation - Max Factor. First difference I noticed was the sponges felt completely different. The Nanshy sponge was super soft and sleek while my usual sponge felt almost gritty in comparison.

I then got to it, left hand side was the Nanshy and the right hand side my usual sponge.

From merely application, I can't personally see a difference. One side doesn't look more perfected than the other but the application was completely different.
The Nanshy sponge felt lovely against my skin, my foundation glided on and I used less foundation. The flat edge made it super easy to do around the eyes and nose while the rounded bottom was perfect for my forehead and cheeks.

Full Makeup;

Over all I'm super super impressed with the Nanshy makeup sponge and it will 100% be replacing my current sponge! Although I can't see a difference in how it looks, the feel and ease of application of my foundation was amazing and using less foundation is always a winner with me!

You can find out more about Nanshy and their products on their website and Twitter!


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