Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I love tea! I mean I am a total and utter tea addict. I have more tea than anyone could possibly ever drink and my day can't start without a good ole mug full! So when I received a free trial of Slendertoxtea I was over the moon.

Slendertoxtea is 100% herbal, organic tea that is meant to detox, increase energy, increase metabolism, beat bloating & aid weightloss! The range offers two types of tea a day plan and a night plan ranging from 14 days to a 3 month supply.

With Christmas over and done with I decided to start my journey as I was in need of shedding a few lbs after the Christmas indulgence. First thing I was super happy about was the fact it came in tea bags as I know some of the tea toxs are loose tea.

You simply pop a tea bag in a mug with warm water and leave it to brew for around 5 mins. I wasn't overall impressed with the flavour. and I did add some sweetener to mine.
The packet warns you that you should start the tea tox on your day off. Basically, go with the instructions you really don't want to be caught short of a rest room after drinking this stuff! Literally half an hour after starting my tea tox with the day version I was making trips to the bathroom!
The day-tox has a less of a laxative effect than the night-tox but it still works it's magic. It is suggested while your on this plan to drink a lot of water and there is quite a hefty list of foods they recommend you avoid while doing the teatox which isn't great.

Overall, I don't think the teatox was for me as a lot of what I eat and enjoy eating is on the recommended to avoid list and I wasn't a huge fan of the laxative effect or the flavour of the tea itself.
I did in the end stop my tea-tox after just a few days as I found it was making me feel sick after drinking it, although it could have been because I was drinking it as quickly as possible as I didn't like the flavour.
As for the weight loss side I'm sure it does work (I didn't weigh myself personally) because of the laxative effect but personally it's not normally a way I'd choose to loose weight. 
I did notice I felt less bloated which was nice!

I have read some mixed reviews for this tea-tox and I am pleased I was able to give it a go even though I didn't manage to stick with it.
I'd love to hear your experiences with tea tox!

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  1. I was looking into trying this after the Christmas period has left me feeling bloated. So glad I read your review as I am majorly reconsidering it x

    1. I've read some mixed reviews about it so it may work for you, it is worth checking out the possible side effects & suggested food list before you make your mind up though xx

  2. I have read a lot of mixed reviews on the tea. I don't think it would be for me!


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