Saturday, 10 January 2015

Veil Cover Cream

Sorry I've been away for the last few days! I've got this cold bug going around and I've been sleeping so much, I just haven't had the time or energy to blog! However never fear because I'm back today with Veil Cover Cream!

I was sent a sample kit of Veil Cover Cream to give a go! As you may know I do suffer with blotchy redness on my face for some reason and I normally cover it up with concealer or a thicker foundation. So this was a product I was definitely up for trying!

 I have to admit this is a sample kit you really DO need to get if you're going to purchase this product, as the colour I would have picked out was totally the wrong shade and I looked like a vampire. 
This is the 'light' sample kit.

The kit contains 12 shades and two powders, a full set of instructions and some before & afters.
What I found really nice was the colors are mixable so if your skin doesn't match a shade completely you can mix other colors in to make your perfect match. 

Top row (left to right) - Natural, Natural Medium, Dark, Peach, Almond & Oyster
Bottom row (left to right) - Cream, Vanilla, Wheat, Natural Light, Biscuit & Medium.

Now going from those swatches I would have picked 'Wheat' but I ended up being an 'Oyster'

I apologise now for the pictures of me without makeup but needs must!

So there are my lovely before photos! I always get red blotches around my cheek/nose & chin area I currently have some on my forehead but they are spots from me being a fatty at Christmas and eating everything I shouldn't!

Here are my afters! Both set of photos are taken in natural light.
As you can see my afters are A LOT different to my befores! There is still some light redness but it's actually a HUGE difference!
Obviously this is minus my usual makeup and although you don't need to at all I probably would go over with a light covering of my usual foundation just as I would like too!

The product itself is actually quiet thick and a little really does go ALONG way! It's also super easy to blend & mix and has some good staying power. I also like the fact that is does go matte, as I'm a massive fan of a matte face.

Now in the before and after examples that come in the box it does show a lady with an entire chest tattoo covered. So I convinced the hubby ( to let me have a play on his lovely tattoos and heres what happened.

This took about 6 layers with some powder in between the layers but overall we were both really impressed with the outcome! Up close was a tad more obvious but once he stood a few feet away you really couldn't tell he was as heavily tattooed as he is!

Overall I've been really impressed with Veil Cover Cream. It is a bit of a heavy product but you don't need a lot and it does cover up anything you want really well.
I would totally recommend this product if you need something heavier than a traditional foundation to cover something!

You can find out more about Veil Cover Cream over on their website or follow them on Twitter

Have you tried any similar products? 
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