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Today we're talking health and fitness. As you may know from my old post My weight loss journey so far.. I'm still embarking on my weight loss journey with a few stone left to go, so the very lovely Julia from has answered some fitness questions I had!

1. What are your top tips for getting the most out of your time at the gym?

One of my core training philosophies is “go harder, not longer”. Most people hit the gym wanting to 
do exercise to burn fat and/or sculpt muscle and shorter, but more intense sessions are actually 
much better for those goals than spending hours plodding away doing steady training. So getting 
outside of your comfort zone is key – that means training at intensity you couldn't sustain for a long 
period of time. So lifting heavy weights, going all-out for short bursts of fast cardio, or doing advanced exercises that really challenge you and leave you feeling spent in short amount of time.

2. How can you get yourself out of a 'gym rut'?

The principle I mentioned above is a good start! Goal setting is really important too. You've got to know what you want and you need to have a good plan in place to make sure you achieve it. So many people just rock up at the gym with the vague idea that they want to do some exercise and then go through the same motions each and every time, then they wonder why they’re not seeing changes in their body shape or fitness levels. 

If you want things to change you’ve got to change what you do and keep challenging your body with different types of exercise geared towards the goal you want to achieve. If you need a plan and you’re not sure where to start, my book The Fat Burn Revolution has a 12-week exercise programme you can do at home. It’s suitable for beginners right up to advanced level because there are so many ways to scale up the training, so it’s perfect for getting out of a rut. Or if you prefer to exercise with videos and would like support from me personally as well as my awesome fitness community come join my online fitness club

I hear every day from people across the world who are experiencing amazing results – come see the photos on my Facebook page anytime you’d like to get inspired: 

Julia B Fitness Facebook

3. Is there anything you shouldn't do when working out to lose weight?

The most common mistake is walking out of the gym and replacing all the energy you've worked so hard to burn off (and then some) by eating ill-advised foods. Don’t think of your workouts as earning a sugary “treat”, think about earning an amazing body, better health, higher energy levels, more self-confidence, etc. Those are much more compelling prizes anyway. 

4. What weights/machines should I be using to get rid of bingo wings?

You can improve the appearance of the back of the upper arms and firm that area up, using exercises like dips or kickbacks to sculpt the triceps muscles. But, as for getting rid of fat from there, be very wary of anyone who tells you that particular exercises will reduce fat in particular parts of the body. I’m sorry, but that is just not possible. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not possible to get rid of “bingo wings” or fat from anywhere else, just that by exercising a muscle you’re not specifically burning fat from around that muscle. So, if fat loss is your main goal the thing you most need is a varied full-body exercise programme including strength training and challenging cardio workouts. Diet is obviously key too. 

Here’s a video where I explain more about how this works and how to achieve fat loss.

5. What machines (cross trainer/treadmill etc) are the best to use?

It totally depends what you’re trying to achieve, you’re often actually better off getting off those machines and moving your body freely. But as for my favourites, I like cross trainers or rowers for a cardio warm up because they fire up the upper and lower body without impacting the joints and I like stationary bikes for all-out intense interval training because you can get to the very limit of your training capacity without too much injury risk.

6. You are doing a Kickstarter campaign, what's it all about and where can I find out more?

I’m doing a little experiment with Kickstarter right now to see if it’s a good way to launch my next book and also to find out whether my idea for the book is worth pursuing. Anyone who likes the idea can buy their copy of the book now, plus get free bonus goodies throughout the Kickstarter campaign, plus become part of my backer crew and be involved in the project from the conception stage by pledging from just £7, which is a lower price than people will pay for the book alone after the campaign. If I don’t hit my funding target they won’t pay anything at all and the bonus goodies (like recipes and videos) will be theirs to keep for free as a thank for supporting the project. 

What I have in mind for this book is something rather different from most of what is out there in the diet and fitness book world right now and I’m very interested to know whether people like the idea. 
If you’re intrigued, have a look here and let me know what you think. 

Julia has kindly given me access to her fitness club for 7 days so I will be trying out some of her workouts and I will do a review when I'm done!
I hope you find someone of these hints and tips helpful and I'd like to say a massive thank you to Julia for answering my questions and giving her time to do so!

Do you have any fitness or weight goals this year?

Until next time,



  1. Definitely agree with the quote 'To change your body, you first need to change your mind', that is so true its the willpower and motivation that leads to success just like your doing now. Look forward to reading your review on the workouts, keep up the good work.

  2. I love this! Julia is amazing! Some great tips here! Xx

  3. This has definitely answered some of my questions- it's really helpful! :) I definitely agree that "you're only a workout away from feeling amazing", I always feel great after a workout!


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