Friday, 13 February 2015

Models Own Haul

I'm addicted to nail varnish. I literally have hundreds and I'm always purchasing new ones spur of the moment. So when Models Own had a half price sale it's needless to say, I was on it like a car bonnet.

 Now I was only planning on purchasing the gold and silver from the brand spanking new Chrome Collection....... so an additional 3 polishes later I didn't do too badly.
I know there's been loads of reviews on the chrome varnishes so far but if I'm honest I really wasn't that impressed!

What I was expecting - the colour on the bottle. A high, intense glossy finish with a proper chrome color.
What I got - a semi matte metallic polish that doesn't chip it actually wears/rubs off.

I don't know if I was wrong in expecting a mirror type chrome but I was a bit disappointed! I would even go as far as saying you'd probably be better off just purchasing a metallic colour and not paying £5 a pop.
I'm pleased that I didn't pay full price for these anyway as I'm not a massive metallic nail varnish kinda girl!

However I did purchase two more polishes and I am very pleased with them indeed!

Since discovering the glue/OPI peel off bottom coat, I'm back into my glitters like a woman possessed! So I purchased a gorgeous Cadbury Purple Glitter and a top coat with iridescent 'shapes' called Mermaid.

 The glitter is amazing. This is just two coats and I have a wicked even coating with loads of sparkle. I've currently got it on my ring fingers and the rest of my nails are matte black.
The other top coat, Mermaid I haven't swatched as I'm planning on doing something a little special with it soon and didn't want to ruin the surprise! However it is lovely, it shows different colours in different lights and I'm in love with it!

Have you got a fave polish at the moment?
Until next time,



  1. Absolutely love this post hun, gorgeous nail colours and I love what you've done with the photo's :)


  2. Interesting, I was looking to purchase the Rose Gold Chrome one, but not sure I will now! I was also expecting it to be much more glossy.

    Great post - I've followed you on Twitter/BL :)

    Sam xx



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