Thursday, 5 February 2015

My Birthday

So for those of you who didn't know I reached the prime old age of 26 on Wednesday, I took the day off work & thought I'd share what I got up to with you!

I do follow a diet plan currently but I believe if there is one day of the year you should be able to enjoy yourself, it's your birthday! So I started mine with a bowl of 'naughty' cereal and by icing my Birthday cake!

As some of you maybe aware, I am lactose intolerant (sort of) I can't eat dairy in it's original form but I can manage some in chocolate/processed food. So I made my own birthday cake which was a chocolate marble cake with peanut butter buttercream - all dairy free! I did add a few giant buttons around the edge and on the top but I can handle a small amount of chocolate without it making me ill!
 I'd asked my lovely husband Stew from for a new Michael Kors bag. I have the large Jetset bag but wanted a smaller cross body for the summer! So he took me out on my Birthday to go and buy it!
Unfortunately my first stop to House of Fraser proved unsuccessful and we had to go to Kingston to the Bentall center. They also didn't have the bag I had looked at online however I fell in love with one there and then and had to have it.

After we went shopping we went home and spend the afternoon watching movies until dinner time when we went to my parents for pizza and cake!
I opted for a ham & pineapple with no cheese and then added Lactose Free cheese. I haven't had pizza in well over a year so this was a proper treat.
Overall I had a great day, I was also lucky enough to get some money from other family members so I'll be posting up some of the bits and pieces I've brought with that! I'm also having a late Birthday party at the end of the month as I'm moving soon, I'm having a murder mystery!
Oh and of course, I had to take a birthday selfie didn't I?!
How do you celebrate your Birthday?
Until next time,


  1. Happy birthday lovely!looks like u had a great birthday:)nothing better than pizza and birthday cake!yum!your cake looks super tasty too:)xxx

  2. Happy Birthday!! I love your MK bag, I've been looking for a smaller one for the airport and this would be perfect.
    Your cake looks very yummy.
    The Life of Leeshastarr

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you had a lovely day! Pizza and birthday cake sounds like a dream, and the Michael Kors bag is beautiful!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xoxo

  4. Happy birthday I hope you had a lovely day! The bag is just so pretty!

    Jessie | Taylor Mayed

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