Thursday, 12 March 2015

Blogging Tips

I thought I'd share a few hints and tips with you that I've found useful while on my blogging journey today. One thing about blogging is you never stop learning, regardless if you're an established blogger or just starting out.

Write a blog you'd like to read
This seems like a pretty 'dur' subject doesn't it? But you need to write about things you're passionate about. When you try to force enthusiasm it comes across in your writing and your regular readers will be able to tell. To put it simply, if you're not feeling it, don't force it.

Take risks with your posts
It's natural to stick to what you know and what you've built your blog on but eventually you and your readers are going to get bored of seeing another similar post. Try blogging about something you've never written about before, a trip, personal experience, a life achievement, you'll be surprised just how much difference it can make.

Don't beg for PR
This is not only a pet hate but a total off put for potential PR companies. Why would they want to work with someone who is clearly in it just for their own personal gains? Companies want to build lasting relationships not a one-blog-post-stand.

Good quality photos
This doesn't mean you need to spend the next year saving for a DSLR! Make sure photos are clear, well lit and crop out excess background. An Iphone/Android phone camera is perfectly acceptable to use, just get practising and always try and use natural light.

Social Media Following
Everyone wants to have a million followers but what does that actually mean? How many of them actually take the time to read and comment? Having a large social media following doesn't mean you've made it in blogging and doesn't mean you're more likely to get PR opportunities. Blogging should be for you and as long as you enjoy blogging everything else is a bonus.

Blog promotion 
To put it simply, promote whenever you have the opportunity. Social media is an awesome source, you can reach thousands of people with one little click. Another great source of promotion is blogger chats and actually interacting with your followers, social media is after all for being social!

Cost of blogging
Blogging doesn't have to cost you the earth. You don't have to review every single new item that comes out in a trend and by no means do you have to pay for an expensive layout or domain. Yes, things like domains are nice things to have but until you want too there really is no need to spend out.

Turning down opportunities
It's perfectly acceptable to say no to things. If you don't believe it will fit in with your blog, you aren't sure about it or you simply don't want too say no. It's your blog and you can run it however you want.

Monetizing your blog
Why not earn money off your blog? Advertising and sponsored posts are fine if you're happy to do them, just make sure you are getting a good deal. For instance, writing for a company might seem all fine and dandy until you realise your writing 3 blog posts a month for a jumper that's actually costing them around £2. Don't sell your skills too cheap.

I hope this helps a few people! I know these sorts of tips have helped me in my journey and I'd love to hear any of yours!

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  1. I love this! I have learnt many of the same lessons during my journey,and its true you really do keep on learning! :)

  2. Great tips, good quality photos make a big difference x

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