Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Blogging 101 - Pinterest

Who doesn't love Pinterest. You go on looking for a quick tutorial and 3 hours later you've done nothing but plan your perfect home, hair inspiration & crafts you want to try but did you know you it's a powerful tool to help people find your blog?

Blogging 101 Pinterest

Making your blog posts available on Pinterest could make them huge. You just need a decent 'Pin' picture and there's nothing to stop you! It's another social media site that you need to be on.

Write a helpful post/ share resources

If you have a good grasp of social media/hairdressing/resources why not write a blog post and share it?
Offer hints, tips, links, websites and even other blogs that have things of interest. You'll be amazed how many people don't want to trawl the internet looking for answers when a blogger they know offers advice in one simple blog post!
Pinterest is a perfect source for people looking for resources because you can just pin them and come back whenever you'd like to see the information again.

Write a tutorial

Who doesn't love a tutorial? If your looking for a new hairstyle, craft or makeup look Pinterest is the perfect place to start!
Simply pick an idea and write it piece by piece, stage by stage. Add some photos of each step and done, you have your tutorial!
These are perfect to Pin and will give you a source of traffic for months/years to come. Who knows how many times one person will click through to view it?

Top 10/ Lists/ Blog post ideas

How many times have you been stuck for blog ideas? Top 10's, Lists and Blog Post Ideas are awesome! They offer things other bloggers/readers might not of thought of and inspire people.
I love reading blog post idea pins and have a fair few pinned myself. It's great if I feel like trying a new post or am having writers block just to pop back to and see if there's anything that inspires me to write again.

News, Celeb & Seasonal

Write about stuff that's now. Who doesn't have at least one pin board full of Christmas ideas? 
Gift guides are great, even though everyone does them as long as you makes your interesting. Yes perfumes great but what about a gift outside the box?

Keeping up to date with trends and celeb news helps too. People love to keep up to date with what's going on and what the new trend is. It's an easy way to get people visiting & pinning!

Offer things for free

If your a graphic designer why not give away a free design? If your a blogger and use a certain spreadsheet for something why not give away the template?

People love getting things for free and there's no better way to draw people in. You never know how many of them will come back and keep updated with your blog!


Photos, good photos are the main draw for Pinterest. This doesn't mean you'll have to save up a years wages to go out and buy one but make sure your images are clear, in focus, bright and inviting. No one's going to repin something that looks dull, you need to be creative. A well lit, creative photo could be a total game changer!

Pin, Pin, PIN!
Having a button to allow people to pin things from your blog is a great idea! 
What better way to allow your readers to pin anything they like directly from you blog? You should also pin every single blog post you write, you never know what will catch peoples eye!

Do you have any more tips for Pinterest? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I am obsessed with pinterest atm!! I'm at paigebeaumont20 if you would like to follow! xx

    1. Will deffo check you out on Pinterest! I'm obsessed with it too, have lost hours of my life haha! xx

  2. This is so fortuitously timed. I just came online tonight to start maximising our Pinterest Page! Thank you so much!


    1. No worries! If you have any other ideas or discover some please let me know! I'd love to know more!
      Becca xx

  3. Some great tips and information in this post ( I have to be nice really as you married me )




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