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Eyeko - Skinny Brush Mascara

I've been meaning to do this review for a while so here it is! My be all and end all of mascara, I've been using it for years and nothing has come close.

I've been using this mascara since I was about 18, so around 8 years now and nothing I've tried has every come close. I'd even pick this over any Benefit mascara!

Eyeko offer a range of mascaras but I've always got on with the Skinny Brush one best. It gives me huge long, ink black lashes and lasts all day without flaking or drying out.

The Skinny Brush mascara has an award winning Skinny Brush that grab even the smallest lashes and make them look huge. The wand has dispersed bristles and a slim design so is super easy to use. It's gorgeous black colour is a botanical blend with Pro-Vitamin B, it's also supposed to be water resistant.

Now I say it's supposed to be water resistant as I've never found it is. I have been out in the rain and ended up with smudges as my lashes have got wet. 
Another downside to this mascara would be that it can clump quiet easily. As long as you have clean lashes it usually goes on with no problems but I have found if I haven't removed it completely it can make my lashes look a bit clumpy.

In every mascara box with Eyeko you also receive an Eyeko Shield which is essentially a guitar pick. The idea is you put it behind your lashes while applying your mascara to help you not catch your skin. I personally don't use it as I find it easier just to get a cotton bud than fuss with the shield but it's a lovely gesture and an added attention to detail!

Eyeko Skinny Brush Before

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

Another lovely thing is they often have free gifts with purchases!

With my order this time I recieved their Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner in Marine.
As a repeat customer this is a product I've tried before and although it hasn't replaced my usual liquid eyeliner it is a lovely one to have in my makeup bag or handbag.

This eyeliner is waterproof, has a super slim tip for precision and offers a gorgeous colour. It doesn't drag across the skin, it simply glides on without much effort leaving you with the perfect line.

It's easy to remove too, it comes off with normal makeup remover!

So there we have it my ultimate mascara! 
You can see what Eyeko have to offer on their website or follow them on Twitter!

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  1. Oh wow for such a thin and small mascara this has real results - great posts, thanks for sharing

    Laura x


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