Saturday, 4 April 2015

Lush's Sugar Scrub Dupe

I love Lush. My all time favourite buy is their sugar scrub but it is on the pricey side of life. So I was searching online for sugar scrub recipes and I've found one that is a total game changer. It costs next to nothing to make and I actually prefer it!

Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Don't get me wrong, I'll still be purchasing Lust products, I just can't help myself when I walk in the store but this is an awesome dupe that you can make quick and easily and add whatever flavours/smells you like!

You'll need:

200g Granulated Sugar
125ml Olive Oil
2-3 TBSP Vanilla extract
A tub/mason jar

Start off by weighing out your sugar.

Vanilla Sugar Scrub

The add your Olive Oil and Vanilla extract

Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Mix until it becomes a paste. If it's too runny just add a bit more sugar, if it's too pasty add a touch more Olive Oil!

Vanilla Sugar Scrub

And that's it!!
You can add whatever flavourings/smells you'd like. Lemon, essential oils, etc!

I've kept mine in a Chinese takeaway style air tight box and it should be okay to keep for a good few months. I got 6 of these boxes for £1 in Wilkinsons.

Have you attempted to make any Lush dupes? I'd love some more ideas!

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  1. This is such a genius idea! My little sister spends a fortune in Lush, so I'm going to make her one of these, put it in an old pot and see if she can tell the difference ;)

  2. What a great idea, I love the lush version but I'll be trying this at home soon x

  3. oh, I always wanted to make my own! but never got round iit! I really want to try the one with grounded coffee!

    Dash xx


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