Wednesday, 13 May 2015

10 Ways to DIY your clothes

When I have old clothes that I don’t want to wear anymore, I don’t just get rid of them. I think about what I can do to them to make them better! Getting your DIY on can be so much fun, and you can end up with something that looks completely different. Only if something can’t be customised to I sell it or give it to charity. Sometimes, I even customise it and then stick it on eBay to see if I can make anything for it! Here are my top 10 ways to customise your clothes!


1.Use Clothes Dye

Clothes dye can help you to completely change the colour of an item. You can even create patterns on the material by using things like elastic bands! Even if you just want to, say, freshen up a pair of black jeans, it’s easy with clothes dye.

2. Add Studs

Studding can add a real cool edge to anything, from the shoulders of a denim jacket to a pair of denim shorts. It’s really simple to do, all you need are the studs and a knife to close the openings properly. I love outfits that incorporate things like this!

3. Sew/Iron on Patches

Sewing or ironing on funky patches can make your outfits look way cooler. I like to add these to the back of my jackets, flannel shirts, and even jeans sometimes! Look on eBay for some of your favourite characters and famous people.

4. Use Pin Badges

Badges are simple to pin on and make things look more personalised. You can show off your personality and the things you like with the help of pin badges!

5. Add Some Sparkle

There’s nothing like adding a bit of sparkle to an evening dress! Swarovski crystal elements are the highest quality; all you need to do is apply them properly.

6. Get Handy With the Scissors

In a lot of cases, you can change the look of your clothes with just a pair of scissors! You could snip off the sleeves of an old jacket, or turn jeans into shorts. Changing the length of a hemline can be done, but you need to be careful.

7. Use the Material for Something Else

If you just really like the material of something, you could transform it into something else. A dress could become a t-shirt, or something not even clothes related, like a pillow!

8. Draw on Them

There are people who offer this service for a price, but with the right pens you can do it yourself. Funk up a pair of boring white Converse by getting arty!

9. Combine 2 Items

Combine 2 items to make a completely new item. Add new sleeves to an old hoodie. Just go crazy!

10. Make a Few Holes

You can add holes to your jeans, or even to the back of a t-shirt to make it look a little bit more interesting.

I hope you love these suggestions and make your wardrobe more exciting with them!

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