Thursday, 7 May 2015

Planning A Girls Night Out

If you are feeling stressed or are craving a night out, then you definitely need to get your girlfriends together and start organising a girl’s night. To help you plan the best night out, here are some of my top tips and ideas!
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Choose where you will go

It’s your night; you can go wherever you want to go. Whether that’s dinner at a fancy restaurant, cocktails at a local bar or a night out in a club or at a party, it’s your night and it’s up to you where you go.

Get together with the girls and discuss your options - before deciding on a destination, make sure everyone in the group is happy with where you are going. There’s no point arranging to go somewhere if not everyone is happy with the decision.
I know that nights out aren’t everyone’s thing. I’m not one of those girls who craves going out every week, but every so often, I do enjoy a girl’s night out.

Every now and then, me and my closest girlfriends organise a girl’s night out. Sometimes that’s simply going for a meal or a few cocktails at our favourite bar, other times we plan a big night out at a club - whatever we do, it’s always a lot of fun.  

Planning a girl’s night out gives us a chance to go out, have fun and forget about all the stresses and worries of everyday life. It gives us a chance to let loose, dance and just have fun with each other.

Book your transport

Don’t leave sorting out your transport until the last minute. You can either arrange for a couple of the members of the group to drive or for a couple of people’s partners to organise drop offs and pick ups.  

If you don’t want to have to rely on your partner’s, you could always pre-book taxis or hire cars. Or, if you fancy travelling in something a little more luxurious, you could consider hiring limos. If you’re lucky, you might even find a limo service that offers complimentary champagne for your journey - how exciting is that?

Dress to impress

For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of girl’s night is pampering myself with a bubble bath and then getting all dressed up. There’s something exciting about putting on your most fashionable outfit and favourite pair of heels and heading out - it’s exciting.

To make sure that everyone is dressed to impress, it is a good idea to set a dress code beforehand. That way, everyone will have an idea of what to wear, instead of panicking at the last minute.

Leave the boys at home

It’s called a girl’s night out for a reason - there should be no partners tagging along. The best part of planning a girl’s night out is having the chance to go out on your own without your partner and spend time with your closest friends.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love my husband to bits. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to get away and spend some time alone with just the girls.

Dress up, go out, dance and have fun. That is what girls nights are all about.

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