Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Reasons I love Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy)

What isn't there to love? She's gorgeous, funny and couldn't give a toss what peoples opinions of her are! So here are the reasons I love Rebel Wilson.

She's inspiring. 

Don't look like Katy Perry? Who cares! Rebel tells girls to love themselves for who they are. She's looking to put body shaming to bed and all I can say is HELL YES. 

She's funny

No matter what interview you watch with Rebel she's always hilarious. She's been on loads of talk shoes to promote films and she always comes across brilliantly. She's always up for a jest and her outfits are always a talking point. Move over Gaga!

Beauty & Brains

Yup! Not only is Rebel an amazing actress she has actually got a degree in Law! Can you imagine her in a court room? I'd want her on my side for sure.

Fat Amy

Let's face it, there isn't one of us who dislikes Fat Amy. She's amazing! She's such a fun loving, genuine and carefree character. I think inside every girl is just a little bit of Fat Amy trying to get out!


She doesn't care about taking fashion risks! From hot pink poodle slippers to looking show stopping at red carpet events, Rebel rocks it.
She is living proof you don't need to be a size 0 to look awesome.

I can't help but adore Rebel. I love every film she's been in and I think she's an amazing role model in a world that is obsessed with how it looks.
If your still waiting to see Pitch Perfect 2, you really need to head out and see it. It's really funny and totally worth seeing on the big screen!

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  1. So Rebel by name and by nature. Good on her. Confidence and happiness exude beauty. You can have the *cough* 'best' figure in the World but not be attractive if your project an ugly personality, or come across as unhappy and grumpy. There is such a push to address body confidence issues, not only from role models but also from organisations too (I wrote about the Body Confidence Awards a little while ago). All this is to be applauded. Tx

  2. I love this post!!! Rebel is one of my ultimate role models, because shes SO FUN and doesnt let anything stop her from being her. It's awesome! :)


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