Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Road Trip!

I love a good road trip! There's nothing more exciting than packing the car up and knowing your going on an adventure, so with this in mind I thought I'd share my dream road trip!

Route 66

So I have to admit as cliché as it sounds, my ultimate idea of a road trip would be in a convertible mustang, warm weather, sunnies on & cruising down route 66.

I've only been to America once and that was to Florida to see Disney Land! I love the idea of driving from Chicago to Los Angeles with nothing but the wind in my hair, tanned skin & some good tunes.

Route 66 is a diagonal trip that takes your across some of America's most amazing sights. You get to experience those kitschy American truck stops, rusty old signs, motels and it has so much history behind it!
The road was known as the main street of America because it snakes through so many small towns and offers so many attractions. During the Great Depression families would use the route as their chance to better themselves and have a better life.

Ford Mustang

Don't get me wrong, I understand a 'driving holiday' isn't everyone's cup of tea. I love lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand too but there's something about this once in a life time adventure that really calls to me! This isn't really the most relaxing holiday in the world either, as long distance driving can be super tiring and at times, really rather boring! Age UK offer some amazing tips for keeping safe for your long distance trip though that are definitely worth reading if your planning an adventure soon! 

Route 66

This is definitely on my bucket list. I want to stay in a motel with neon signs, I want to experience the journey, the views & I want to travel across America!

What would be your perfect road trip?

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  1. I must admit a driving holiday does not appeal to me so much however if I was going to do it, Route 66 would be the ultimate! I love America, especially Chicago. I hope you get To tick this off your bucket list some time soon. K x

  2. I would love to go on a driving adventure across America. It probably will never happen but I can dream.


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