Monday, 1 June 2015

Pinterest Faves

I love Pinterest. I spend far too much of my life on it! From hair to home decor, there's literally thousands of things to love. So today I thought I'd do something a bit different and share a few of my Pinterest boards with you!

My Art Board. I love quirky illustrations and vector images and this is a relatively new board but it's already filling up quickly! 

My Interior board, as you may know I'm currently in the process of finding my first house and as scary as that is I can't seem to stop myself spending hours pinning gorgeous interior design ideas and tricks!

What's not to like? My board dedicated to yummy sweet things and baking. I adore baking and although I don't get to do it very often I love pinning ideas, recipes and tips for future baking times!

What Pinterest faves would it be if I didn't mention my quotes board? Who doesn't love a good inspirational quote every now and then?!

My hair board is basically an entire board of hair I wish I could have but never will, I couldn't help but create this one because they are all so pretty! *swoon*

Don't forget you can see all of these and all my other boards on my Pinterest -

What are your fave things to Pin?

Until next time,


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  1. Great post! I go through phases with Pinterest. I was obseesed with looking at wedding related pins but have calmed down with that now. Now it is toddler / eating related pins. It's great to hear what other people like to pin - I love your sweet treats board :) x


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