Sunday, 7 June 2015

Plan the ultimate girls night in

Recently I did a guide on planning the ultimate girls night out. I thought it was only fair then, that I did one for the ultimate girls night in. Sometimes you don’t want to get all dressed up and hit the town. However, you still want to spend some time with your friends. If you’re craving some girly company then a night in with your mates could be just what you’re after. Here’s the ultimate guide to a girls’ night in!

The Dress Code
I don’t know about you, but I see a girly night in as the perfect excuse to wear pyjamas. Right? We used to do it when we were kids, so why can’t we still do it now? Tell your friends that they have to wear their favourite PJ set and marvel at their sense of bedtime style. You can still dress up if you really want. However, it’s not as comfy to lounge about in a frock.

The Food
There are a few must-haves when it comes to food for your girls night in. The first is chocolate, and lots of it. Obviously, you can’t all survive on chocolate for the night (although we’ll all try). Here are some top ideas for girly night in foods:
  • Homemade pizzas - Buy some ciabatta and get together to make your own pizzas. Choose the toppings, pile it with cheese, and pop under the grill for a few minutes.
  • Pasta Salad - If you want something healthy but filling, rustle up a pasta salad. You could even ask the girls to make their favourite one and bring it with them.
  • Popcorn, Crisps and Ice Cream - No girls night in is complete without popcorn, crisps and ice cream. It’s almost as vital as the chocolate.

The Drink
You don’t have to get drunk to have a good time with your friends. However, if you do want to moan about the men in your life with a glass in your hand, then it’s probably best to stock up. You can buy wines online to make it cheaper, especially if there’s a few of you. Alternatively, buy some premade cocktail mix and serve a few jugs of Woo Woo.

The Fun
You’ve stocked up your fridge, you’re in your pyjamas, and now what? You could simply pop on The Notebook and cry yourselfs to sleep. Or, you could plan out a few activities and games. This doesn’t need to turn into an Ann Summers party (unless you want it to) but here are some games that will get everyone laughing:
  • Pop the Balloon - All you need are some balloons for this. Simply blow them up and ask your friends to pair up. Their mission is to pop the balloon between them, using anything but their hands. Guaranteed laughs.
  • Toilet Roll Dress - This is the perfect game if one of you is getting married. Invest in some toilet rolls and a timer. Separate the girls into two teams, with one bride for each team. They now have 90 seconds to wrap their bride in toilet roll, as a wedding dress. You get to judge who did the best job.
  • Knife and Fork Chocolate - Here’s where all that chocolate comes in handy. You’ll need a scarf, a knife and fork, and some chocolate. Tie each girls hands together before handing over the knife and fork. They now have a minute to eat as much chocolate as they can. The winner gets… More chocolate?

And the final thing you need? All of your best girl mates in one place. The ultimate in girly nights in, completed!

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