Thursday, 9 July 2015

Blogging Organisation

Recently with all the stuff going on in my life, I've had to take a dramatic look at how I run my blog. More often than not, I wrote the post on the day I usually post. This meant if I didn't get time to write the post, I didn't update my blog and I noticed my traffic would suffer.
I've now started scheduling posts, tweets, facebook posts and even keeping spread sheets with traffic, followers and DA scores so I can see at a glance what parts of my blog or social media I need to work on. 

I even invested in a few bits and pieces to make my organisational skills easier! The To Do list above was a mere £2 from Tesco and I just write what I'm posting and what days on it. so I always know where I am and what's due to go out.
I make sure my HootSuite is scheduled with social media links and new blog post promotions at least a week in advance and I don't just post the same link over and over, I like to change the text so my followers don't receive a hundred of the same boring tweet appear in their timelines.
As I mentioned before I've created a spreadsheet with all of my monthly traffic, DA, PA, Back links, social media platform followers and the date. I update this once a month and it gives me a insight into what I need to work on and what has increased or decreased over the month.
I'm not figure driven, I'd much rather get a good response about a post than have a million view figures but if they dramatically decrease or increase it allows me to see why and when it happened, which can help me in future with blog post material.
I always make time to advertise my newest blog posts on facebook blogger groups and comment swaps. I love checking out other blogs and I love getting feedback from other bloggers! I aim to do this at least once every other day, as again I don't want to flood people with my blog.
I do like to add a throwback into the mix too and remind people of some of my older, popular posts.

What organisation tips do you use?
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  1. I recently started an editorial calendar for my blog and the effects are mind-blowing! Like you, I used to write posts on the day they were due, but now I'm around a week in advance. I realised how big an effect this had on the quality of my posts! I used to stress myself a lot about writing a good post that needed to go online on that same day. Now that I'm ahead of things, I can take more time to write and to make pictures. Also my traffic increased with it!
    xx Carina

  2. At the moment I use notes on my iphone and a notebook... might have to get this to do list... I like stationary!

    kirsty xx

  3. Great idea about recording your own stats such as DA etc on a spreadsheet - i am definitely going to do that too. My tips? Hmm...I write about local events so whenever I spot an ad for one or someone mentions one I add it onto a list which I have on Ever Note on my phone
    In fact I use Ever Note for all my lists - it syncs up with my laptop too so I don't have to faff around with updating several lists x

  4. I'm trying to work on mine too! I was considering getting a physical planner since actual writing might make me feel more accountable. I've only used Tweetdeck so I'll have to check out HootSuite.

  5. There are some really good ideas in this post, I never thought about tracking my traffic and such whereas I really should so I'll definitely look into that because right now I don't think I'm maximizing my blog to get as much potential traffic as it should do. Also that to do list is really cute, they have similar one's in TK Maxx atm :)

    Louise @ Inspire Magazine Online


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