Tuesday, 21 July 2015

House Hunting Part 2

How hard is it to find a house! I'm learning the hard way that houses look nothing like what they do in photos, like at all.
I've spent my Saturdays driving round hundreds of houses and I've seen some incredible places but I haven't found the one for me yet..

I've seen so much of the Kent seaside and country side I could probably be a tour guide about now haha, but I'm still super excited to relocate from London to the sunny Kent coast.

After the excitment of getting our mortgage in principle has (kinda) died down, house hunting seems to be taking over my life!
This weekend I saw a few houses and the first I must admit I wasn't super excited about but after learning they look so different from the pics, decided to view it anyway.

A massive plus was about 30 seconds from the front door of this house was the sea front, downside was the fact it was completely unfinished one side of the house and the other had wooden cladding all over it!
I knew from the moment I stepped in the front door it just wasn't for me!

The next was a gorgeous looking house, it has such kerb appeal but again had some serious downs for me.

There's no front garden as you may have noticed and that's because it's used as a turning circle for cars. 
The house itself was lovely, the kitchen was amazing but the living spaces were tiny. The dining room was so small you'd have to ask people to get up if you needed the loo!

The third house was sadly cancelled but I've rebooked for next weekend as I have such a feeling about it.

It comes with a hot tub which sold my other half haha!

The top of the top was the final house. It was built by the woman who owns its husband, to her specs.
I've literally never been in another house like it. It was like walking into a stately home!
She had filled it with gorgeous art deco furniture and I completely fell in love with the lady who owned it.

Sadly I don't think it's the home for me. It's a bit far out the way, it needs completely redecorating and I'm scared that once I've modernised it a bit, the charm I fell in love with, will be gone.

I'm hoping next weekend will be the end of my house hunting journey but only time will tell!

What did you do this weekend?
Until next time,



  1. My fiance and I aren't currently saving for a mortgage, so I'll eventually have to go through all of this too! I think it's important to make sure you choose the right house for you both though, because it takes so long to save- I'll probably be the same as you and it'll take forever!
    I hope you do find your perfect house soon! :)

    Sian xx www.cakeydreamer.co.uk

  2. My sister and her husband are currently looking for their first property, and I know I've had such an earache listening to them both complain haha x


  3. Good luck with the hunt. You are right - it's definitely good to go keep an open mind as houses can look completely different to the pics. We almost didn't view our current home when we were house hunting as we thought the garden was just too small. Yes, the garden is small, but there are so many other great things about it that we decided the small garden was the trade off we were willing to take. Looking forward to reading the next instalment :) x


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