Friday, 3 July 2015

House Hunting

I think I've melted. This heatwave is actually insane!
 I've spent today driving across Kent in search for a home to call my own. I've had the aircon turned on max and I've eaten about a million ice lollies. 
Who thought I'd get sunburnt while house hunting? Well I did! I've just coated myself in moisturiser so I don't wake up feeling like a bit of KFC tomorrow!

So as you may be aware, I'm currently in the process of relocating from South London to sunny Kent. I'm looking in the Whitstable/Herne Bay area as after saving like mad men, we've managed to save enough for our mortgage deposit and decided we don't want to spend £200k on a 1 bedroom flat in London.
Needless to say, I'm super excited! Not only my first home but I'm going to live by the seaside! I'd like to say it's all fun and games but in my ongoing search for the perfect house I've seen some awful properties (think yellow bathroom suites) but thankfully the thought of living by the sea is just far too exciting to put me off.

Today I looked at 3 properties in Herne Bay and while I don't think any are our dream home, I've got my eyes on a few that aren't available yet! I'm looking for a house rather than a flat as I need a garden for my pooches!

The only one that stood out for me today was a 2 bedroom house. It had everything we've been looking for except it is a bit too small. I'm not sure we could fit our sofa and our TV cabinet in the living room (because don't forget, my entire life is currently in a storage locker!). 

I think house hunting is a ton of fun but in this heat was exhausting! I did manage to have a spare half hour to sit on the beach with my feet in the sea and eat my sandwich at lunch though, winning!

Do you have any tips for first time home buyers? I'd love to hear them!
Until next time,
Stay cool!



  1. Don't rush.
    Once you find something you like take a pet builder with you or a friend who knows a lot about buildings and installations as he/she will be able to tell you lots more about the house than meets the eye and potentially save you a lot of troubles and money

  2. Good luck with the house hunting. My advise will be take your time going through all the details and small print. Don't rush.

  3. Oh I'm looking at doing something similar (buying in Margate, although continuing to rent in London). Best of luck with the search!

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough


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