Thursday, 23 July 2015


I recently was given the opportunity to try out MyPhotoSchool and undergo one of their courses they offer. I went for the macro photography course, as a blogger I find that being able to capture close up images in high quality is something I do struggle with even though I do have an DSLR.

MyPhotoSchool is an online school, that offer a range of photography classes. You can take the classes anywhere as long as you have an online connection!
I undertook the Macro course, which was a 4 week intermediate course. It teaches you how to choose the right equipment, use the correct lighting and how to modify it. You also learn hints & tips on using reflectors, diffusers, lightboxes and many more.
The course itself is set out into 4 lessons, which is a video and a task to complete. Each week you receive a different lesson. The four week course was broken down in these four classes; A seeing eye, Macro outside, Macro inside and Special macro techniques. 
I really did like how interact the classes are, although it's online and you learn at your own pace, there is a forum where you can ask for help and once you submit your completed task, Heather Angel who runs the class, gives you feedback and tells you how to improve.
As you learn at your own pace, there is a lovely feeling of being able to work this around your job or other commitments. As each lesson is a week long, you have lots of time to go out and practise your new knowledge and play with the ideas in real life.

Due to the course being online, you can revisit the lecture videos again and again. You even get a magazine style downloadable transcript! It's all based in an easy to use classroom and at the end of your course you even get a certificate of completion and an online badge!

I must admit I did struggle with this course, as I am utterly rubbish with my DSLR camera and I didn't have most of the equipment needed but I can't say I didn't learn anything!
I would definately do another course with MyPhotoSchool again but I'd probably start with a beginners course and work my way up. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more without paying a fortune and who'd like to learn in their spare time!

You can find out more about MyPhotoSchool and the courses they offer here 

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  1. I'm such a fan of photography so I would love to do a course like this.


  2. This sounds like a really interesting concept, I love the fact that it is online! x

  3. Looks great, I'd actually really like to do another course so will give them a look over! Thanks and good look with your photography! Xx


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