Monday, 13 July 2015

Throwback Tunes

This week I've been mainly listening to throw back cheese. Think 5ive, Spice Girls, Westlife and Bwitched and you'll be on the right tracks.
Something about summer just makes me want to crack out my old CD collection and get my groove on, so I've created a Spotify playlist so I can share my fave throw back anthems with you!

With summer finally here, will you be rocking some old cheesy classics or embracing the new?
I'd love to hear any good ole anthems I've forgotten to add!
Until next time,


  1. These songs defiantly take me back. I prefer listening to them over any of this new stuff that comes out x

  2. Oh total blast from the past, we heard 5ive (well 3 now) live just recently in a summer festival, it was like being 20 again!!!

  3. WOW I totally forgot about s club 7 lol


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