Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Expensive Taste

I've got to admit it, I have expensive taste. If it has a label, I want it. I can't help it. The feeling of that gorgeous Michael Kors bag finally being mine.... there's nothing quiet like it! I thought I'd share how I can afford my expensive tastes and have designer handbags without breaking my bank.

Expensive Taste

There's a few things you can do to help keep the costs down, if you are a self confessed label whore like me!

Designer Outlet Stores
Outlet stores are awesome. I go to outlets stores for my bigger yearly purchases such as Uggs. You can really see the price difference and it all adds up. Some outlets such as Portsmouth offer extra discounts for signing up to their news letter or for living locally, so it's always worth checking out the website before you go!

Don't buy crap
Don't get me wrong, I love a good ole Primark haul on payday as much as anyone else but I don't buy loads of crap because I can. I buy the basics I need and then spend the money on the higher priced items I want. You can't have it all but with a few high end pieces, even the Primark bargains look more expensive!

Embrace sales. You can normally get higher ticket items at a fraction of the price! This does take some self control though as again, don't go in and buy a load of crap because it's cheap. Set out what you want to purchase and stick with it, you'll only end up buying something else and then fork out for what you went in for originally.

This is how I've brought a lot of my higher priced items. My Tiffany & co necklace was £375 so I put money away for a few months and then asked for money for my birthday. It's still my favourite piece of jewellery and I love it more because I had to work for it, plus I am obsessed with getting Tiffany boxes and bags!

Buy Classic Designs
I know the very latest trend can be really tempting but if your going to chuck £400 at a handbag you don't want it to go out of fashion in 3 months time. Aim for classic designs and standard colours. They'll go with anything and take you from season to season!

Those are my top tips for being able to have expensive taste and not break the bank! I am a complete and utter label junkie, from cars to handbags and I've been able to get my label fix and save up for a house, so it's totally do-able!

What brands can't you live without?

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  1. I used to be like that until I got married and had my 2 girls! Things definitely change! One of my most expensive items must be my classic Channel bag that I love so much. I will be able to use it for many years to come as it is a classic design. Very pretty! I'm in the hunt of a Michael Kors one now ;-) xx

    A Moment With Franca

  2. This post is everything I've ever said. I'm currently saving for a Mulberry bag & I'm doing this by cutting back on cheap things. I'm also saving any extra money I get from 'other' sources like eBay etc. Won't be long til a Mulberry bag will be mine - of course bought in the sale or from an outlet shop!

  3. Love these tips! At the moment, I'm saving for a big trip to America so only spending strictly what I need to, which is tough!

    Milly // Mini Adventures


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