Friday, 7 August 2015

Interior Design Inspiration - Ikea Edition

Now being a home owner is becoming more of a reality I find myself looking at interiors, furniture and homeware a lot. I have a few bits in storage from my flat but I will need to buy a few bits to make my new place feel like home! Today I thought I'd share my living room inspiration, Ikea Edition.

Interiors Inspiration - Ikea Edition

I'm loving the look of black and white living rooms, it's so clean and super easy to add pops of colour without anything too committal.
I already have a massive corner sofa (currently in storage *sob*) that's black, so I have a good base to work with! I also already have the Ikea Kallax shelving unit too, I love those things!
I'm hoping to paint the whole room white and have wooden floors so I can add colour with pictures and various candles and such.

Kallax Shelving Unit


I love these storage units, they come in so many colours and are perfect for hanging fairy lights on and popping accessories on! I love the boxes that fit this too, they come in loads of colours and are so cheap you can change them with the seasons!

Kivik Corner Sofas
KIVIK Hjørnesofa 2x2-pers. med chaiselong, Dansbo mørkegrå
There's just something about corner sofa's isn't there. I love being all snuggled up in a corner, under a blanket watching a film, with lots of yummy Yankee Candles lit. I love dark coloured sofas too, probably because I'm messy and white would last 5 mins with my pups!

Ung Drill Frame

I have this frame but it's in black. I wish now I'd purchased the white one so this will probably be a future purchase! I love the detail and the unusual shape, it has caused me a few issues with trying to find something that fits, never the less I love this!

Lappljung Rug


I've been obsessed with this rug from the moment I saw it. I love the design and it comes is a huge size which would be perfect in the middle of a living room! I think rugs can make a room and think this would bring everything together.

Bran Lamp

Table lamp

This lamp has Pinterest all of it doesn't it?! I'd love to fill the inside with glitter in a colour like Tiffany Blue or Gunmetal Grey. I love how minimal it is but they offer so much potential!

Rotera Lantern

IKEA ROTERA Lantern for block candle, white

I know just about everyone has one of these. I love them though, I love that when I put a candle on it dances on the glass and creates gorgeous star shapes on the ceilings. I also love that it means the candles enclosed so there's no fear of it catching fire to something or dripping wax everywhere!

Ersatta Candle holder


I had to include a candle holder didn't I. I always end up with copious amounts of Ikea candles and holders but I love these! They'd be perfect on a mantel piece or on a side table in a nice little group of 3 of different sizes and heights. These also come in a range of colours so you can match them to almost any room!

What Ikea bits do you like?

Until next time,


  1. I LOVE that shelving unit but sadly I don't have any room for it in my bedroom!

  2. My sister is a huge Ikea lover... she had an entire flat furnished with their furniture’s and accessories

  3. The Kallax Shelving unit is amazing. Think it will be mine when I get my own place. Great place for My figurines, books and dvds :) x


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