Thursday, 20 August 2015

Why Living With Another Blogger Is Awesome

I love living with another blogger! I share my house with my hubby Stew from and I thought I'd share some of the reasons living with another blogger is awesome!

I live with a male blogger and it's awesome. I know many people don't get the chance to live with someone who is just as passionate about blogging as you are, so I thought I'd share my top reasons as to why it's awesome!

Can You Take A Photo For Me?
There's always someone willing to take hundreds of photos of you until you find the ones your happy with. Hell they even offer advice and suggest places you could go to do OOTD's and product pics!

I am SO blogging about this!
This statement isn't met with a weird look or needing an explanation because they know exactly what you mean. 

I can't go out I've got to schedule posts...
While some people will again look at you like you've grown a second head, your fellow blogger totally understands! There's no 'oh just do it tomorrow' or 'really?!' because they also have to schedule posts!

DA, PA, SEO....
The struggle is real and thankfully they know the exact pain. You can both sit there refreshing Moz when it's update time with a box of tissues and a bottle of champagne next to you. 

Goodbye writers block
Living with a blogger means you've always got someone to help with ideas and even guest posts. When the writer block fog appears, poof! They blow it away with some encouraging words and push in the right direction.

That would be an awesome blog post!
They totally understand that every purchase, day out or life experience can be blogging gold and don't mind that you have to stop every 30 seconds to take a photo.

Chatting to shop assistants is fine
Because you need the information to add into your blog post going shopping and being caught by a shop assistant isn't a hassle it's helpful. They don't even try to disappear and hide behind the accessories!

Twitter Chats
There's always someone you can relate too! Huzzar!

Sharing, Retweeting and Facebook Likes
Oh can you just share this post for me? Done.

A different view
Not sure you like how you've written something? You can always turn to them for help! They are always willing to give you a different view on a situation or wording.

There's literally thousands of amazing reasons why living with another blogger is awesome. I've picked just a few of my faves!

If you live with a blogger how do you find it?

Until next time,



  1. Ah I totally understand these feels, my best friend has also started a blog so I can chat to them both about blogging! :D You're totally cute couple also xx

  2. Its great you both have blogs! loads of inspiration and advice too :)
    my husband wants to make a blog soon!

  3. oh wow so coincidental that I've come across this blog today when a few hours ago I came across your husbands too!
    I wish I had someone close to me who understood blogging, or could at least take a decent photograph of me!
    this post is really cute though


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