Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lush Oxford Street

I decided to pop into London at finally got to the Lush flagship store in Oxford Street. I know I'm like a million years late to the party but better than than never!
While I was there I picked up a few bits, an old favourite and a Oxford Street exclusive!


 The Oxford Street Lush store is like no other Lush. It's utterly huge and has just about every Lush product you can imagine and ones you can't!
There's testers everywhere and their super friendly staff are always about if you have any questions what so ever! I did go in with one product in mind.
If you didn't know, the Oxford Street store has exclusive products and one I've wanted to buy for my hubby was Elbow Grease. Thankfully the moment I stepped through the door it was there!

You then continue further into the store to be greeted by an array of makeup products, bubble bars and of course the amazing Lush boxes. There's even a whole wall virtually covered in various types of their incredible soap!

The store is three storeys and although I already had what I wanted in about 30 seconds, I had to explore the entire store. I first went upstairs and was greeted by an entire floor dedicated to bathbombs, bubble bars and an amazing play area! 

In the play area you can create whatever your heart desires with their pliable bubble bars. They even have rolling pins, cookie cutters and some examples lining the walls to help you with inspiration.

I then went back downstairs to the lower ground floor.

This floor was amazing. It's all massage bars, perfumes and the spa! I'm a fan of massage bars and got chatting to a really lovely guy who worked there. He explained it's nothing like any other store and Lush want to show you what's in each product which is why the products are displayed as they are.
 I didn't expect to find rooms full of amazingness though!

You walk through a velvet curtain with a pair of headphones and are greeted by a room full of cameras, including one that your standing in.
You pop through a curtain to find a small corridor and find a room you can listen to music, a disco room and a mini beach!
The disco booth has an array of various wigs and costume items for you to put on, it even has a disco ball, light up floor and a wall covered with mirrors.
The mini beach is gorgeous, they have a wall with pictures of the sea playing, a gorgeous little seating area and of course, sand!

Once you can bear to tear yourself away from the seaside, you come to a room where you can discover how 'The Smell Of Freedom' is made. You can smell each scent separately and then the entire thing at the end. Once you come out of that room, you end up back with the massage bars and perfumes. It really is awesome!

As I said at the beginning of this post, I did purchase a few items so keep an eye out for the reviews of them coming very soon!

Have you visited the Lush Oxford Street store?

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  1. I'm desperate to go and visit this store! Hopefully I'll get a chance to take a trip to London soon xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. I really want to visit this store! I love the one in Liverpool but the size of Oxford street vaguely excites me :P

  3. This is on my list next time I'm in London - I love Lush! x

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