Monday, 24 August 2015

Primark Oxford Street Haul

I love a good Primark haul, who doesn't?! This time I popped to the Oxford Street store with a few bits in mind and I knew I just had to get them, as always I picked up a few bits I didn't meant to buy too!

I know I've seen these lights on just about everyone's blog or Youtube account and I knew the moment I saw them I wanted them. I literally have no idea what I'm going to do with them or where they are going to go but I had to buy them anyway!

I loved this red arrow light, it's so quirky! I might pop it on top of one of my Ikea shelving units.

The next light I got was this star one. I think this will be perfect in my new office! I love how both of them are battery powered so I can move them and put them wherever I fancy!

When I saw this mood necklace I knew I had to have it. I was instantly taken back to being about 10 years old. I used to love these mood rings and I think this necklace will go perfectly with a dress I have from Missguided.

I was desperately in need of some more nail varnish remover and at £1 these pots from Primark are a lifesaver. They don't survive as long as their expensive competitors but they do last a good month or so before you'll need a new one.

My final purchase was a cup! I love these cups, I use them at work because I'm amazing at knocking full glasses over and ruining paperwork!
I loved this design and it made me think of Starbucks Frappachinos.

So that's my haul! I didn't get loads and really did have to resist buying everything!

What have you brought in Primark recently?
Until next time,



  1. I love that cup, the design is great and it would be so handy for everyday use. Great post x

    FloralsAndCoralsx // Our Blog

  2. Lovely haul. I love the star light and the necklace you picked out! :)

  3. Interesting to see a haul that is not clothes. I have about 6 pairs of Primark drawstring linen trousers in different colours, as well as cropped and full length. I live in them in the summer.

  4. I love the lights you bought, I really need a trip to Primark!

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

  5. I love those necklaces! The packaging is so cool.

  6. I love your purchases, especially the necklace set! X

    Joyce ~

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