Thursday, 10 September 2015

But you get stuff for free!

Most people don't understand blogging. It's a weird situation to be in when you 'complain' about getting free stuff. So I thought we'd talk about just how 'free' those 'freebies' are. 

If your a blogger I'm sure you've heard it all before.... 'you got it for free?!' 'OMG you got it for nothing?!'.

Well how 'free' is 'free'?

Bloggers spend hours upon hours, writing, editing, posting, promoting, being active on social media, growing their brand & blog. Yet people still look at it as being free?
You wouldn't spend 10 hours at work and expect to do it for nothing would you?

Blogging is exactly the same. Yes, we are extremely luck that brands want to work with us! They want our opinions, they want to use us as a source of marketing. So they gift us items to review. This doesn't mean we get them for free! It means we spend ages testing out a product, finding it's good points and bad. We spend ages photographing, making sure we get that perfect shot and editing them to make sure they are the best quality they can be.
We then have to write a review, including any points we wish to make. Most of us tend to then re-write the review as we want to make sure that too, is perfect.
We then post the review. Then we spend hours promoting it through our social media platforms, scheduling posts so we can get the best traffic to our post.
We also spend time talking in forums, chats and blogger groups to help us grow our social media following and promote our work.

Here's a break down of the average review process for me;

Testing product - a few days depending on the product (longer for beauty based items)
Photography - 1 hour
Editing - 45 mins
Writing - anything from half hour to days depending on the subject.
Editing - anything from half hour to an hour or two.
Scheduling - around an hour a day I spend doing this!
Chats/groups/forum promotion - around an hour a day.

Bloggers blog because they love to do it. They love to test new products and again they love blogging. It's an addiction that once you get, you just can't shake.
We don't mean to sound ungrateful when we moan about being offered a £4 item but you have to see that we spend hours upon hours to do reviews and promote our blog. 

Gifting for brands is an awesome way to not spend a lot of money on marketing and reach a hell of a lot of people. Say for instance, a brand gives 10 bloggers an item worth £20 each. They have just spend £200 on marketing. Say each of those bloggers has 1000 followers, that means for £200 that brand has just been able to reach 10,000 people.

So has this changed your opinion on bloggers getting stuff for 'free'?
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  1. Yep. It is so annoying. Every time I wear something new my mom will say 'is that a freebie'. I just want to scream.


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