Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Pinterest - September Edition

It's that time again! I'm going to share my most favourite Pinterest boards from the last month. I've found this month I've been mainly into baking, inspirational quotes, nail art, healthy eating and fashion! I pin daily so there's been loads of new pins!

Obviously with the bake on being back on our screens, I've been obsessed with pretty looking cakes and inspired to improve my own baking skills, so my Baking & Sweet Treats board has definitely been made use of!

Follow Queen Bee Becca's board Sweet treats & baking on Pinterest.

Everyone needs a bit of inspiration every now and then don't they?
I've been pinning loads on to my Quotes board this month. I intend on printing some of them out and framing them when I get into my new house! How cute would they look in an office?

I've been really into my Fashion board this month too. I've found lots of super cute jumpers and outfit ideas! I love searching a term like 'green shirt' and seeing all the various outfit ideas. It's a great way to get some inspiration to put another lease of life into an old fave!

Now because I've been munching cake and biscuits while watching the bake off, I've been pinning some awesome healthy recipes onto my Healthy Eating board! Ya know, to make me feel less guilty about eating yet another Oreo...

Don't forget I also have a blog related board where you can repin anything you've enjoyed!

What are you favourite things I've repinned this month?
Until next time,



  1. Ooh i love seeing other peoples pnterest boards and i love quotes, i have one full of them. Thanks for sharing x

  2. To get it, visit the Pinterest "Treats" page and drag the "Stick It" catch to your program toolbar. check now


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