Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Reasons I'll keep visiting a blog

I'm planning a major change around the blog soon, I've got a few things up my sleeve so until then I thought I'd share a few things my favourite bloggers do and why I love it.
There are more things than just the content that makes me go to back to a blog again and again, layouts, photography, personality and interesting subjects are all pluses for me!

Interesting Content

You can't judge a book by it's cover. Blogs have to have good content, there's only so many pretty pictures I can look at before I get bored.
I love different topics, with pros and cons. Well thought out arguments and a way of writing that makes me believe they are passionate about something. There's nothing worse for me, than to spend 10 mins reading a product review that's purely positive. No matter how great something is, there is always going to be a downside, it's life!
I also love more 'controversial' topics, not because I'm a keyboard warrior but because I love seeing how other peoples brains tick. How does that topic sound from someone else's perspective? Can I learn anything that makes me change my mind on my point of view?
At the end of the day, a blog can look amazing but if the content is missing I'll switch off.


Be approachable. I love feeling like I could just pop over to your account on Twitter and strike up a convo knowing I'm not going to be blanked or ignored. People who are approachable are the ones who have the higher followings because their readers feel like they can connect on a personal level.
I love bloggers who can joke around and don't take things too seriously.


I love a good clean layout, who doesn't?
There's nothing worse than clicking onto a blog that's super busy, super colourful with random bits and pieces everywhere. Maybe I'm getting old but I love a bit of organisation. A simple design with easy to use navigation or side bars is one of my faves.
I also love having 'read more' links at the end of posts and I know that this is a highly discussed topic in the blogging world. Some bloggers love the 'read more' link while others absolutely hate it!
I personally love it because it allows me to scroll through a blog, without having to go through every single post that I might not be interested in. I also find it's a lot easier to find what I'm looking for because I haven't got to scroll through masses of text and photos to get there.


In focus, clean, good quality photography.
It's pretty simple, you want to make whatever your photographing look the best it can. I don't want to see a lipstick with 10 inches of background around it. I don't want to look at up close shots that are out of focus or blurry. I hate super busy backgrounds in photos too. A simple background makes the eye focus on the item/outfit/person not the pile of washing or highly patterned wallpaper behind.
I'm not saying you have to go out and buy a DSLR! Just make sure it's in focus, you've cropped out any excess background and it's on a lovely plain background and I'll love you forever.


The blogger needs to be themselves. I don't care if that means there's a swear word every sentence as long as they are them. I hate reading blogs when you know someone isn't being genuine, you only get to be you in life, so own it!

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  1. Really useful article, as a relatively new blogger I'll definitely be referring back to this to try to make my blog one people will keep coming back to! Thanks x

  2. I agree, my favourite bloggers are those that put a bit of personality in each post!

    Jessica Grace

  3. great post! 100% agree on everything.
    i've been trying to increase the quality of my blog in all the ways, but probably content's still missing.

    I would like you to take a look at it and let me know your thoughts :)

  4. Photography is what bring me back to blog I just love photos and think every blogpost should have a least one photo in.

  5. A great post here. Layout is what does it for me. I really don't like blogs that have a black background and then really bright colored writing. It really hurts my eyes to read x


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