Friday, 25 September 2015

What It's Like To Be A Married Blogger

I've seen this kind of post floating about the blogging world at the moment and I'm a bit unsure as to why! Why does being married matter when being a blogger? 

I can understand why being a married blogger might be hard for some. If your partner doesn't understand or want you to blog, it can be awkward. However I've never found it to be a problem!
I started blogging almost a year ago now and can't say my marital status has made any difference to me!
I suppose when you get invited to events and there isn't a plus one it could cause issues but I'm lucky enough for this to have never cause an issue!
My hubby is also a blogger, he started shortly after I did and we've both never looked back. I support his blog and the opportunities he gets and he supports my blog and mine. We've even been invited to the same events and PR days, so we've always had stuff to share. It's also awesome when we get items to review because we can get a second opinion too!

Overall though, being married, engaged, in a relationship or single really shouldn't make a difference to your blogging. We blog because we love it and I know I'd do it even if I didn't have the support of my Husband, as harsh as it sounds!

Has your marital/relationship status affected your blogging?
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  1. I think is adorable and I think that you're my favourite blogging couple! :D

  2. I think if you partner doesn't support what you do then they need to looks at themselves. It's great that your husband is a blogger too, so he can truly understand :)

  3. I used to blog together with my husband, but have recently took it over as he found a rough time finding time to post. I think a supportive spouse is important and you have to communicate about when you want to share.

  4. I wouldn't say blogging has been effected, obviously the topics have as I'm a bride to be blogger so probably couldn't do that if I wasn't planning a wedding but overall no, my husband to be is supportive in anything I choose to do.

    Chelsea |


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