Saturday, 24 October 2015

An evening with Chipotle

I was one of a lucky few who were invited to a bloggers evening at Chipotle in Wimbledon this week! I've never been to Chipotle before but needless to say, it's one place I'll be going to back to again and again....

I'd been excited all day, I was a total newbie to Chipotle and wasn't really sure what to expect but as I walked through the doors of the Wimbledon branch I was met with such a lovely warm welcome from all the staff.
We were led to the back of the restaurant where there were 3 tables reserved for us, complete with chips, guacamole, salsa and drinks. Emerton was an amazing host who made us all feel so utterly welcome and relaxed! One one of the tables were all the ingredients to create margaritas and they were hand made to order.

Once everyone had arrived we met two other members of staff and we learned a bit about Chipotle as a company. They explained they visit the free range farms the meat is provided from, how every staff member has to work from the bottom up and how every single branch of Chipotle is owned by Chipotle. The company offers all it's staff the opportunity to progress and work their way up, it seems like such a lovely way to work.

After we had learnt about what the company offers, we were taken upstairs for a tour of the kitchens. One thing that stood out from the start is how clean and tidy the entire space was. We were shown the fridges, cookers and work surfaces and the staff explained how everything is made from scratch, everyday. No product is frozen or pre made!

We were then treated to a demonstration on how to make guacamole. We were shown the avocados, the chillies, onions and citrus. They didn't hide anything in the recipe as they want to show people how the food they offer is good, wholesome food with no nasties.
We were allowed to skin the avocados, mash them and mix all the bits together. It was a brilliant demo and made sense as to why their prices are, what they are.

After we'd worked up an appetite we were taken back downstairs to a meal of our choice and more drinks! We were all super excited, especially me as it was my first ever burrito! I opted for chicken, rice, veggies and guacamole and it was gorgeous!

I can safely say I'll be returning time and time again. The food is awesome, the staff are amazing and the company work ethic is one that everyone should be taking on board!

While we were eating we got chatting about secret menus and were told (unfortunately) that Chipotle do not have any secret menu! We did find out however that celebs get a special loyalty card that entitles them too a whopping 100 free burritos!
It was at this point that Emerton pulled out a surprise none of us were expecting, the reverse loyalty card!

The card lets us have 3 burritos for free and we pay for our 4th! What a clever bit of marketing eh?

I'd love to say a massive thank you to Chipotle for an amazing evening, that was a brilliant insight into the company and their gorgeous food!

Have you been to Chipotle before?
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  1. I have to go back! I wanted to go back the very next day. In fact I wonder if I can head back there tomorrow.... I love how this company operate. No franchises and all about quality. Like you say other companies need to take note!

    Liszi xx


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