Sunday, 4 October 2015

Beauty Blogger Awards

I spent my Sunday morning making my way to Olympia for the Beauty Blogger Awards! I love events at Olympia, it's such a large venue that you know there's going to be lots to see and do.

I love going to blogger events and was super excited to see some of the brands that were at this one!

I wouldn't say this was the best organised event in the world, I got there around 20 past 9 as it was meant to open at 10am. I waited in a que of around 35 of us initially, until it got closer to opening time and then the bloggers who had arrived later were asked to move against the outside wall. When the venue opened, they started to take people from both ques, despite the fact we'd been waiting about 40 minutes! After some protest about this, they stopped the other line going in until ours had gone. Unfortunately there were a group of people in the other que only there to get a free goodie bag! They literally walked in, got their bag and left while smirking and mumbling remarks to bloggers still waiting to get in.

Once we were in I'm glad I got there early! There were brands with their stalls around the outside of the hall with the seating and stage in the middle so the ques for each stand got long really quickly!

I went to the Nyx stall first and the girls there were lovely! They told me about their pop up stand in Selfridges during Halloween and a bit about the brand itself. They also had a photobooth which was great fun (I took my mum with me and she couldn't resist a go!)

We then got a print out of our photos, the opportunity to share it via our social media accounts and we got a goodie bag full of gorgeous Nyx products!

We then headed over to get our brows done, spoke to Magnitone and I popped over to the Skin Accumax stand where I had my photo taken with a giant broccoli (I had too didn't I, how often in life do you get to pose with a broccoli?!).

I was given a starter pack for Skin Accumax which contains 120 tablets to see if the products works with my skin! I was also given money off vouchers!

I finally took a trip to Lash Perfect to learn more about their lash extensions as it's something I've been toying with for a while and ended up having a right old chin wag! I even got a growth and conditioning serum for my brows and eyelashes.

We were told during an announcment that we could if we wanted, go next door to the beauty event in Olympia so of course I had to take a trip!
It's every beauty bloggers dream event with stalls and stalls of makeup, nail varnish, hair products, storage, demos and more! I spotted a stand called Glitter Lips who were offering gorgeous glittery lip application for £3, so I jumped on the chance. I did then have to wander around Asda getting some strange looks on the way home mind haha!

Overall it's been a lovely day. I even met some other bloggers which was great!
I did feel sorry for any male bloggers who went as there wasn't a great deal aimed at men but the talks and workshops that were offered were definitely worth staying for regardless of sex!
Unfortunately I had to leave before the award ceremony started as I had plans but I will be sticking around next year for sure!

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  1. Sounds like such a good event! I have been to similar makeup events before but never a blogger one!

  2. Those glitter lips look amazing. How long did they stay on for?
    The whole event sounds like it was good and the bonus of going to the beauty show too. Hope I can go to the next one!

    1. They last up to 8 hours but I couldn't bear it that long! It was awful to get off too 😂 xx


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