Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Blogging 101 - Marketing Part two

Welcome to the second instalment of my marketing series! If you haven't read part one yet, you should go do that first, it's all about taking a step back. It'll help you figure out what works for your blog and what areas you need to work on! You can find it here - Blogging 101 - Marketing Part One

So you've decided what works for you and what parts of your blog /social media needs work. It's now time to make a plan & put actions into place.

Humans are creatures of habit and if someone knows your going to upload new content every other day, they are more likely to come and have a look than if you post once a month on a random day and at 3.25pm.

For instance, I learnt by trial and error, that I get more traffic if I post at 7am than I do if I post at 7pm. I've also found that uploading new content every other day seems to keep my traffic at a good rate, instead of everyday or every two days. I've also discovered scheduling tweets every 2 hours works well for me but I tend to also post a few social media handle links out at high use times.

So it's now just trial and error. Think about social media in a logical way. When are the most people going to be online? I tend to aim for the commuters, lunch breaks & evening users as generally 9-5 people are at work and probably not using their social media platforms!

On the social media platform side of things, social media works best when your social. Liking, retweeting, following and actually making the effort to talk to people will make the world of difference to your social media accounts and blog.
I understand this takes time but you have get your name out there in the social media world. What's the point of following an account that just promotes the same blog over and over and never has anything to say? Some of the biggest bloggers and most noted social media accounts have that reputation because they are approachable & interesting.

So, take the time to try something new. Try scheduling if you don't already, try joining blogger groups and commenting swapping/follow for follows. Add people and actually talk to them, get involved in chats, questions and the community in general.

Stay tuned for the next part in the series!
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  1. These tips look workable and trial worthy. Would keep in mind next time I make a post.:)

  2. Great tips - I totally agree its trial and error finding out what works and what doesn't

  3. Some really good tips here. I honestly haven't got a clue what to do with Twitter, maby its about time I learn.

    Much Love,
    Umber of

  4. Both your marketing posts have been really helpful. Thank you for sharing these tips with us! x x


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