Thursday, 22 October 2015

Shhhh. Surprise Event at Gorringe Park

I was super lucky to be invited to the surprise event at The Gorringe Park pub in tooting! We were sent two emails with hints of what the event could be about but the actual activities were kept well and truly under locks until the night. Here's what happened...

I found this awesome event thanks to Yelp Which is a awesome app that lets you rate, review & log in to venues, restaurants and locations so you can find out where's worth a visit and where isn't. It's super easy to join and well worth using when your out and about.

The event was based at The Gorringe Park pub in tooting, one I actually drive past quiet frequently on my way to work! I never knew what an incredible and unique venue it actually is! Not only is it a gorgeous pub with amazing food, friendly staff and clever decore, it also has a library room and boutique cinema!

After signing in to the pub via Yelp, we were given a free drink and directed down stairs to the cinema, where the first part of our evening unfolded!

The cinema is full of vintage cinema seats, gorgeous ornate sofas, chairs and huge bean bags. I was totally taken back by it, I really didn't expect a pub next to a station to offer such unique and fun spaces. There were even fairy lights across the walls!

Once everyone had arrived and found a seat the surprise film started which turned out to be Clue, a 1985 film based on the board game Cluedo. I'd never seen it before but it really is worth a watch! It was the perfect start to what turned out to be an amazing evening!
During the film the guests sit down for dinner and have a starter of monkey brains. At the exact same moment, the lovely people of Yelp came around with a taster of Monkey Brains. I'm still not entirely sure what it was but I would not recommend haha! Next up they served Corn Dogs or chips, I opted for the chips and they were gorgeous!

Once the film had finished we were separated into two groups and lead upstairs to the Library room. (It was like being a real game of Cluedo!) The library room was amazing, it has deep red wallpaper, shelving units with books, old leather sofas, quirky tables and matching red curtains. It was set up with tables in the middle of the room with mugs, glasses, fedora hats, name tags and flickering candles.
Once everyone was in and we met Agent November, we all thought of secret agent names and we were told we had an hour to solve the murder of Victor, who's outline was on the floor. We had to search the room for clues and boxes to break the code and figure out who did it. The hour seemed to fly by as we decoded, opened locks and searched the room.
With seconds to go we finally cracked the code and pinned it to one character, which turned out was correct!

Overall it was an amazing night and I had so much fun.
Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible, it really will be a night I'm talking about for a while!
If you'd like to find out more about Yelp you can do that here - Yelp
If you'd like to find out more about Agent November and his amazing mystery events that he hosts all over London check out his website here - Agent November
I'd also like to say a massive thank you to Alex from Yelp for letting me use some of his photos in this post. You can find him on Twitter Alex S.

Have you been to a murder mystery night?
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  1. Looks like a fun event :) x

  2. What a brilliant concept and a great night out!


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