Monday, 19 October 2015

The dark side of Lactose Intolerance

I've been Lactose intolerant for about 3 years now. It's been a difficult journey and if I'm honest I'm still adjusting but I thought today I'd speak about a awesome new product that's going to hit the commercial market and some previous bad experiences of being Lactose intolerant.

I remember when I started to get ill when I'd eat yoghurt and going to the doctors about it. They suggested I cut out dairy and see what happens. That was the turning point in my life as it turns out I was Lactose intolerant. I'm still not overjoyed by the situation but you have to play with the cards your dealt and crack on!

There's been a few occasion's in my lactose free journey I've had negative experiences even though I've asked if a product contains dairy. I think one that really sticks out for me was when I decided to pick up lunch at a jacket potato shop. I brought a baked bean jacket and when I got it, it was coated in cheese and beans, so I went back to the counter and they told me they'd replace it. Well turns out they actually just scraped most of the cheese off and topped up the beans. Unfortunately for me I unknowingly ate some cheese that was hidden in amongst the beans and ended up being ill. Fun.
Another bad experience was at a coffee shop, I ordered two coffees one for myself with soya milk and one with normal. I collected my coffees and unfortunately the barrister got the two muddled up and I ended up drinking one very milky coffee.

I am grateful that I'm not allergic to dairy as I can't imagine the awful reaction to situations like my own. However thanks to Chicopee and there forward thinking there's a new cloth hitting the commercial market to making getting 'spiked' with lactose or dairy a thing of the past!
You may have seen that most places have various different colour cloths to clean different food substances with. Well they've come out with a genius plan to bring out a purple cloth that is especially made for lactose free/dairy free products! Huzzah! We might actually be able to say goodbye to worrying about if anything we eat or drink has been contaminated with dairy!

Have you had any bad experience of products you believed to be lactose or dairy free?

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  2. Any thing that would make life easier for people with allergies is always a really good thing.

  3. Being lactose intolerant must be really annoying when people do not understand how sick you can get if you accidently ingest a lactose product. Thank god for Chickapee!


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