Friday, 16 October 2015

Why I Didn't Go To University

Virtually everyone I know went to University. It's such a big thing getting a degree, it's a total and utter achievement but I didn't go and actually, it all worked out fine!

Looking back now, I'm actually glad I didn't go to University. Okay I didn't get the Uni experience but I don't have 20k worth of student debts, had to share a flat with randoms or survive lectures and I've got jobs where I've been picked over students who have degrees.

I did apply to go to University when I left college, I wanted to go into events management, something I do still enjoy today. However you know one thing University can't give you? Actual hands on, work up the ladder experience.
I understand that there are some jobs that you simply have to have a degree for and rightly so (you wouldn't want just anyone being able to operate on you because they're alright at Operation the board game do you?!) but the majority cannot beat good 'ole experience.

I work in a library at management level. I'm not a trained Librarian, in fact I'm higher up the scale than some trained Librarians, why? Because instead of spending years studying the Dewey system, I slogged it out working long weekends for crap money and doing every hour of overtime under the sun. I've done what feels like millions of hours shelving, being a dogs body and doing the work no one else wanted to do.

I learnt about library life through working 11 hour days, having no weekends and learning the on the job skills I needed to get further.
I understand I was lucky and it's not always possible to get a job an entry level but it is always possible to get internships or volunteer at something you want to progress in during your time off.

You do not have to go to University to get where you want in life.

I remember seeing my friends after they finished University, super excited to walk into a job in a field they'd just spent 3 years studying, only to end up with part time retail jobs on minimum wage because they didn't have the experience they needed to get the job they wanted.

Think about it from an employers point of view, having a degree is amazing, it proves you have the passion and ability to see something through to the end, however when it comes down to it, being able to do a job on paper and actually being able to do a job are two totally different things.
On the job experience has taught me far more than books ever could have. I can handle sticky situations under pressure and have the confidence and ability to cope with staff issues because I have such a vast experience of the environment I work in. I understand what it's like to be where other staff members have been or what they've been through because I've done it.

I'm not having a go at people who have gone to University, I'm simply saying Uni isn't the be all, end all. At the end you aren't guaranteed anything but a lot of debt.

Have you found having a degree/not having a degree has worked for you?
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  1. I went to uni, 1 year of Creative Writing and 2 years of Criminology. Dropped out both times because university wasn't for me. But because of family, I was pressured into going until I met my OH in my second year of Criminology who told me it was okay to drop out if I really hated it. Which I did. I have a certificate of higher education (which sounds fancy, but doesn't really mean much!) and I often feel like I've made a mistake. I have nearly 20k in debt, and nothing to show for it. But this post reminded me that, ok, maybe having the debt and the degree would be better, but just because I only have the former doesn't mean I can't make a good career for myself. I read this post at just the right time for me and it's really helped, so thank you! xx xx

  2. I've just graduated and I have to agree with you, University isn't for everyone & I'm not sure it was 100% beneficial for me. I haven't got a job and I just have a ton of debt but I did enjoy the past three years. Even with a degree, I find that employer's are more bothered about work experience xo

  3. I've seen lots of mixed reviews on this topic. I admire anyone who worked their socks off getting a degree but sometimes I feel sorry for them as at the end they are left in a heap of debt and sometimes personality gets you further than a qualification. Someone may be well suited to the job on the qualification front but they have absolutely no personality to go with it.. I think it all boils down the person and their personal circumstances etc.. good on those who go to uni but also good on those who make it without the huge debts at the end!

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