Saturday, 3 October 2015

Why is it not okay to loose weight?

Day 6 of my week of beauty! I thought today I'd start with a bit of a different beauty vibe, I've noticed recently in the blogging world that if you want to loose weight, or companies than promote weight loss are getting really hit by plus size bloggers. Is that okay?

I am a plus size blogger. I'm a UK size 18 and I do not promote body shaming, in any form. 
However I have been on a very long weight loss journey and recently I've seen plus size bloggers shaming other bloggers and companies if they mention loosing weight or promote it.

I used to be a size 26 and 8 stone heavier than I am now. It's taken me a while to loose the weight and I wouldn't promote quick fixes, weight loss isn't going to happen over night if you want to remain healthy and not damage your body. I am by no means happy with my body size and am still on a diet to loose more weight.
I am aiming to be a size 12-14 so why is this not okay?

I'm not shaming plus size girls, nor am I shaming slimmer girls, I am just simply not happy the size I am and unlike those girls who own it, no matter their size, I do not have that self confidence.

I personally don't think it's okay for people to bully or shame companies or other bloggers who use the forbidden 'fat' word. I'm fat, it's not an insult. I have fat. I like chocolate, sorry.

I think people are giving the word fat too much power and it's being taken too far. At the end of the day who really cares? As long as your happy with yourself, does it really matter if someone is trying to loose weight? I know I don't care how big or small someone else is, if they are happy it really isn't any of my concern and I'm hardly going to start a drama if they decide they are 'fat' and want to loose weight.

Can't we all just accept people for who they are and move on? Life is far too short for the drama over body sizes.

I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments below!
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  1. Body shaming is such a sad part of our world. If you want to lose weight then go for it, if you don't, then that is your choice. You look fab by the way and I love your dress in the photo :)

  2. No one should make you feel guilty for 1) your size or 2) if you want to change your size. At the end of the day your size is not a determining factor of whether you and that person will get on or not and we seem to make such a big deal of something that doesn't actually matter that much.

    I'm trying to go from a 16- 12/14 at the moment and I shouldn't be judged for it as it's my personal choice. Well done for losing so much weight already, it's obviously something you want to do and so well done for doing so well already, hope you manage to keep going down to the size you want.

    Keep your chin up lovely, you're beautiful inside and out.

    Beth xx

  3. I think we are all different and if someone is comfortable in larger size good for them. It is s personal choice and no one should say otherwise.

  4. Everyone is different, I'm currently a UK size 12/14 and although I appreciate this size... I'd love to be more toned! - body shaming should be a thing of the past by now x

  5. If there is one thing I've learnt in weight loss, career, music taste or anything really - never feel bad for doing something that makes you feel good!


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