Monday, 30 November 2015

Mini Lush Haul

I went shopping to Bluewater this weekend and couldn't resist going into the Lush store.
Bathbomb, shower jelly and a fun bar later, here's my review.

Mini Lush Haul

I went in with the intention of not buying anything but anyone who loves Lush will know it never ends well.
I didn't buy loads thankfully but I did pick up two items from their Christmas range and one shower jelly I've never seen before.

First up I couldn't resist buying Dashing Santa. I'm not a bath kinda girl so I did buy this for Stew as I think he's half
merman and it's impossible to get him out the bath.

Santa has gold boots which are the first thing to fizz away, sending Santa on a mad dash around your bathtub releasing the scent offresh satsumas, fruity bergamot and orange flower. It also makes the water a gorgeous Christmassy red with a gold shimmer.

I've seen this next product around a few Lush stores and although I've always eyed it up I've never brought one. Well today was the day that it all changed. I decided to go with the Santa fun bar as I loved the look of the gold layer. 

This is the perfect product if you don't really know what you want to use it for. It can be used as a bubble bath, soap, shaving soap, in the shower and as a shampoo!
Plus it's really pliable so you can actually create your own Santa before using it!

Finally I was over at the Shower Jellys which apart from the Sugar Scrub are my favourite Lush products. I wanted Santa's Belly but it was only available in the large £8 tub where as I prefer the smaller tubs so I can swap and change more often, so I opted for Refresher!

This gorgeous gold metallic jelly is infused with  lemon which smells like a lemon fruit pastel (if it existed).
It makes a really luxurious lather and leaves you smelling amazing!

What Lush products have you brought recently?
Until next time,



  1. I LOVE lush! Oh my i need to try the refresher! It looks awesome! xx

  2. I've never tried that shower jelly but I love the sound of the scent. Maybe once i've finished my snow fairy shower gel i'll pick some up x

  3. oooh I haven't seen the santa but it looks amazing, I am definitely going to pop in and pick one up! xx

  4. The Santa Fun bar looks :D I need to to a Lush stock-up for Christmas soon - lots of Snow Fairy to be grabbed!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  5. I haven't bought anything from Lush in ages. Or I bought the Lord Of Misrule shower cream when it came out but other than that I just haven't had the money. The Reafresher seem amazing, it's on my wanties list from now on. :)


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