Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Slissie Review

You know those sweet cravings you get? What about if I told you there's a little pen that helps curb the cravings? So if your trying to loose weight or just not eat as many treats, this ones for you!

Slissie is an electronic slimming aid that delivers a hit of flavour that helps you keep snacking at bay.
It's not only super portable but it comes in a range of flavours and you can make the taste hits as strong as you like.

I was sent a Slissie to review and I've had it a few weeks now. I use it mainly at work as when I'm bored I do find myself at the biscuit tin. 
I haven't kept an update with weight loss as if I'm totally honest, this device does require will power and it's not the same as actually eating a biscuit. However it has become part of my daily routine and I always carry it with me.

When you initially get the product, you have to charge it for a few hours and once it's ready to go, it lasts around a week but it depends on your usage. You simply put screw whatever flavour capsule you fancy onto the end, push the button for up to 6 seconds, let it sit for 2 and taste the flavour!

My personal fave flavour had to be Vanilla but I was also loving Mint! I was sent Vanilla, Fruit, Chocolate and Mint.
I've been using the Vanilla mainly after lunch as a sweet hit when I'm craving something sugary. It did get a few odd looks from my work colleagues but it also came with a lot of questions and interest!

Overall I love my Slissie and I use it on a daily basis. You do need a lot of will power to use this instead of actually heading for the biscuit tin but the range of flavours help! I'll continue to use my Slissie to help me through the festive season and I can see me buying many flavour refills.

You can find out more about Slissie on their website - Slissie

Have you tried anything like this?
Until next time,


*I was sent this item for a review 



  1. I'd never heard of a Slissie before today! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience - I think it'll come in handy for many of us in January :D.

  2. I've never heard of this before but it actually sounds great, I'm not really a snacker but I can see how this could help people to not reach for something naughty to chomp on!


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