Tuesday, 29 December 2015

5 Reasons I Won't Revisit A Blog

With the new year looming, I'm seeing so many bloggers talking about their targets and changes for 2016 but have you thought about the reasons that someone won't come back to your blog? 

5 reasons I won't revisit your blog

I don't want this to be a super negative post, I'm not saying that if you do these 5 things people won't come. It's a totally personal thing but these are the top 5 reasons I won't return to a blog!

Subscription boxes 
Your trying to read something and a little box pops up and tries to get you to join the mail list. Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea, if you can get them to go away. If I'm interested in the blog chances are I'll sign up but nothing annoys me more than the ones that you can't close. I will simply close the website and move on to another who has a similar subject. 

Taking ages to load
Blogs that haven't got responsive layouts drive me crazy. They always take forever to load and lets be honest there is nothing more annoying that trying to scroll down a page and it bouncing everywhere because it hasn't loaded. I am rather impenitent with internet download speeds but this drives me insane!

All positive reviews
If I'm really interested in a product, I will go to blogs and find reviews. I love reading them and it's saved me a fortune over the years! I do however, love a review that does point out a products flaws.
No product is ever going to be perfect, you may have found the perfect lipstick but I do want to know if it needs reapplying every half hour to keep that colour or if that mascara does make you eyelashes 1000 feet long but takes an hour to take off. I love nothing more than an honest review!

Non disclosure
What is it with blogs that do not disclose when they get an item to review?!
It doesn't mean anyone's going to think any less of the product or your review but it does let your readers know that it might not have been a product you would have brought yourself.

Bad Photos
No way am I suggesting everyone needs to be a trained or highly skilled photographer, what I am saying is just make sure they are clear!
Use whatever camera you have but please try to make sure they are bright and true to life. I hate massive un-cropped, dark photos. They take forever to load, take up loads of room and when I still can't see what the colour actually looks like, what's the point?!

Do you have reasons you won't revisit a blog?

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  1. I think with so many blogs on the market, the smallest inconveniences and people just won't bother! I definitely need to sort mine out but these tips have given me things to remember to avoid!!


  2. I agree with everything your mentioned here. Especially the non disclosure part, I don't care if you bought the product or if the company sent you the product to review but please be honest and say you've been given product! And I also agree about the photos, it's not that hard to take bright and not blurry photo, but we have time to learn, mine were horrible when I started blogging but I'm working on my photography and I think I improved. Great post :)

    Valentina from fashionwithvalentina.blogspot.com

  3. I completely agree with everything here. I absolutely loathe those little pop ups! And when people don't disclose that they've been sent a product, I'm always like "who are you trying to fool?". I think honesty is the best policy with almost everything blogging related. Great post

    Gina | www.lifeandlights.com

  4. Ooh don't visit me then. Lol. Photos are the bane of my life. I need to do a course on editing ;)

    Bex x

  5. I HATE the pop ups. Even if they can close, they still put me off. Why would I sign up to the newsletter of a blog I haven't even read yet? I don't mind the ones that pop up after you've been on the site for a few minutes, that doesn't bother me as much, but the ones that pop up straight away drive me crazy.
    Non Disclosure is awful, I don't see why anyone would think it was okay to do that- especially as most people don't even care if you've been paid or sent the product!
    I've been trying to improve my photography recently, hopefully it will pay off haha!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

  6. I totally agree with all of your points, but the last one makes me super nervous! I shoot all of my photos on my iPhone 6 in natural daylight and rely solely on PicMonkey and Instagram for editing. I always feel conscious of them and wonder whether people are judging my blog based on my photos xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

  7. I definitely agree with the subscription box thing, not so much that there's one there but sometimes they don't go away and I can't even access the blog which is so annoying or it keeps popping up! x


  8. I agree with everything here. I try to make sure that my blog loads fast through a series of optimisation work I do with plugins and server caching. However, I've found that things like Google Adsense do tend to slow my blog down but I rely on part of it to keep my blog alive.

    I've tried to get email subscribers throughout being obtrusive by putting my email subscribe box in my sidebar. I hate those that appear over the top of the content, especially ones that ask you to like my Facebook page without me ever reading one word on your blog.

    Jonathan | The British Gent

  9. Interesting read, I've just started my blog so this will be a big help when updating x


  10. Got to agree with all of these. I have a subscription box pop-up on my blog but I've made sure it has a 'close' option as I don't want people to be put off by that! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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