Friday, 11 December 2015

Gingerbread House Adventures

Nothing says Christmas to me like the smell of gingerbread. I love decorating one every year, despite the fact they always look like I've let a toddler loose with a tube of icing!

My Gingerbread House Adventures

I went on a mission to get a gingerbread house the other night. I set my heart on one from Ikea but ended up in Costco and found this little beauty for £8.50.

This kit contains everything you could possibly need! You get the gingerbread house, two people and a tree, icing and lots of sweets. To top it all off you get a plastic stand that makes it so much easier to build and to move.

I'm pleased to announce that you get enough icing to be able to create what it looks like on the box! I have found that other kits can be a bit stingy on the icing front. It's a lovely consistency too, it's stiff enough to hold the gingerbread without too much fuss but runny enough to be able to get intricate designs. Winner!

I'm really pleased with my end result (even if I did have a bit of an icing disaster!). It's tacky and a child probably could have done better but I enjoyed myself. It didn't last very long at work either, it's a really nice, crisp gingerbread with lots of flavour!

Until next time,



  1. I keep looking for these everywhere and they're all sold out:(! I bloody love gingerbread haha x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

  2. Oh these look so cute, I really want to do one. k x

  3. It looks beautiful! We have similar set and I hope to make it this weekend.


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